SK1 Socket E26/E27
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Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket

Light Bulb Adapter

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket

Support Siri Voice Control

Control your HomeKit-enabled accessories with your voice using Siri.

Support Siri Voice Control


Apple HomeKit technology provides advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between a HomeKit-enabled accessory and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


Schedule On/Off

With the Koogeek Home app, you can set custom schedules and timers for a light bulb or a scene to meet your daily routine.

Schedule On/Off

Create Scenes

Scenes enable you to control multiple accessories at the same time. Use a suggested scene or create a custom one.

Control Multiple Accessories

Turn a scene on or off by tapping it, setting a schedule/timer or just asking Siri.

Monitor Power Consumption

Monitor real-time, daily and monthly electric power consumption via the app.


Automate and Remotely Access

You can set up your Apple TV or iPad as a home hub to control your HomeKit accessories remotely, grant access, and automate your accessories.

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Simple Setup

Screw it into your existing Edison style light socket, then screw any standard bulb into it.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with your existing standard Edison style E26/E27 light bulbs, up to 25 watts.

  • CFL
  • LED
  • Incandescent & Halogen bulbs
  • By K***********February 13, 2018 03:11:44

    At first I was a bit skeptical mainly because I thought that an object like this would affect the classical operation of the chandelier making it useless without smartphones, but fortunately it is not. Installing it is very simple: it is screwed to the chandelier, it lights up and apps on your Apple device follow the connection wizard and are ready to use. If you do not have your smartphone with you and the lamp decides to stay off for some strange reason, there is a small button on the device with which you can turn the lamp on or off manually. It integrates perfectly into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem and therefore also with the Siri voice server.

  • By i*********February 11, 2018 20:19:06

    Just arrived today, the wrap around looks very solid and elegant, inside we find our Wi-Fi socket bulb with a booklet for instructions. Downloaded the app, guided you through the association process, with the camera just to frame the code to give way, finally an accessory that brings homeotic to everyone's reach!!! The app is available for both iPhone and Android, with iPhone as well as Apple Home kit!!! In short, a very useful accessory to remotely control a simple light bulb, reliable and courteous seller, ready to give us explanations if we needed it! I recommend this item as solid and very comfortable!!!!

  • By K****February 8, 2018 22:22:27

    Absolutely 5 stars over and over! LOVE This product! So easy to install and use. Anyone can do it, even older people that aren't used to technology! Download the app, it connects with the bulb and you instead of using the app each time, it's automatically connected and you can ask SIRI to turn it on and off! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Definitely a MUST buy for your home. :-)

  • By T***February 8, 2018 00:20:17

    This is an awesome product, super easy to pair and incredible convenient... now if SIRI wouldn’t suck so much voice control would be better....

  • By J******February 7, 2018 02:19:50

    These work perfectly with HomeKit. I use two for my garage door lights, setting them to come on st dusk and go off at sunrise.

  • By m******February 5, 2018 22:33:51

    Works well, have not had any issues.

  • By D**********February 2, 2018 18:38:07

    Easy, Fun and Addicting!! I started off purchasing the Koogeek outlet plugs and came on Amazon to order more of those (as I said this whole automation becomes fun and addictive so next thing you know you're counting every lightbulb and outlet in your house to add more to) Then I saw they had these lightbulb sockets which were a game changer for me. I love the outlets however they are large and you lose your entire outlet due to their size so the fact that I could keep my outlets as is and still have my lamps be automated was great for me. SUPER easy set up. Download the koogeek app this app automatically talked to my HomeKit app so you don't have to additionally then add all these devices to HomeKit . Screw in socket into your lamp as if it were a lightbulb and then screw your lightbulb into the socket and turn lamp on. Click the plus sign on the app and it'll have you take a screenshot of the code they give you on the device box and voila! The reason I am holding off on giving a full 5 stars the size. Just like the outlet plug being an issue being oversized this adds an extra 2" to your socket so a few of my lamp shades will no longer fit I have them just sitting on top of the lightbulb right now and another lamp the lightbulb is peeking out the top of the lampshade. I'd also like to see these come in black. I have black hanging caged pendant lamps I would love to automate however the big white socket would stick out like a sore thumb.

  • By P*****February 2, 2018 00:44:01

    I have been wanting to make my home as smart as possible without major changes, and this hit the spot. The setup is a breeze, as the directions tell you the few steps needed to take to set this thing up. I have a cheap color changing bulb in the slot and this turned it into a smart bulb in less than 5 minutes. If you have a lamp with little clearance this may be an issue, but my lamp has a huge shade blocking anyone looking at it so it isn't an issue. Working this with Siri is so smooth and I haven't had a single issue with that and don't see having one in the future. I applaud Koogeek, a company I decided to give a shot, for blowing me away with this product for a great price. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for smart tech.

  • By D*February 1, 2018 03:49:14

    Has a lot of use with the repeated auto-timing on/off for each day for the front porch light. Wish I was able to control it more from elsewhere besides home without having to purchase the Apple Home device etc.

  • By P****January 31, 2018 01:29:44

    Works flawlessly and love the Homekit integration. It is a bit big so it does not fit in all lamps.

  • By R**************January 29, 2018 21:40:01

    Sockets work great. I love how they give you readings on how much power they are consuming.

  • By P************January 29, 2018 00:37:25

    Works as stated. 4 stars because of price excessive.

  • By M*******************January 27, 2018 22:54:02

    Interesting Smartphone Home Automation: Just install a bulb to install it, plug in the adapter and re-screw the bulb. The attack is big, E26, and you can fly through an Apple phone, just follow the simple instructions and you can also use Siri to turn it on and off. Each adapter has its own unique code, covered in my photo to prevent some commands from being in place! You can also remove the adhesive from the body of the adapter, so it is also inside the box and the instruction booklet. Surely it is an interesting home solution and easy to drive new bulbs that are plugged into a power outlet.

  • By KJanuary 26, 2018 22:50:04

    Foreword: The object arrived at the times set, well packed and protected. The bulb holder can only be controlled by Apple devices (IPhone, IPad, IPod touch) that have IOS 8.1 or later installed. The lamps must have the E26 attack. It supports up to 25 watts. To use it from your phone, follow the procedure on the instruction sheet: - Connect the Apple device to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. - Download the free Koogeek Home application, featured on the App Store. - Add the accessory following the instructions that appear. At some point you will be prompted to scan a code in the instruction sheet, or to insert it manually. The procedure is fast and it has not given me trouble recognizing the accessory immediately. You can add other devices of this type, if we have it, to control the app by performing the same procedure. Once the configuration is complete, you can check the power on, off directly from the device, there is also the possibility to set a weekly timer, a feature that can be appreciably appreciated. Or you can decide to use Siri directly bypassing the opening of the app. The system can also be operated remotely, and can be useful if we want to pretend our home even when we are out. For me it is convenient because I can handle the lamp without having to get up from the couch to turn it off when I sleep.

  • By M************January 26, 2018 01:44:39

    Ever fascinated by home automation and accustomed to controlling almost everything from the smartphone, from the chrome cast to the 5.1 system, I also tried this object thinking that I could come back useful for all the times that I had to get up from the couch just to turn on the light, or I had to take the phone in my hand anyway to use it as a torch to momentarily illuminate something (right button on the remote control, etc.). I have to say that from the packaging I feel a certain refinement in design, he reminded me a lot of apple products in style. Even the object itself, especially in my case where I have chandelier and white light bulb, although being quite generous, does not, however, ruin or weigh the aesthetics. So as a design, in my furnishings, it has become great. As for the installation it was a real trivial thing: I just had to unplug the light, unscrew the lamapadin, reassemble it upstream of this adapter and turn it on again. At that point, launching the "Koogeek Home" application (freely downloadable from the Apple store), activating Bluetooth was enough to photograph the product code that is contained in the instruction booklet and the application thought of the rest. Time 1 minute and everything was already working.INTERFACE The interface of the "Koogeek Home" app is very cute, clean and intuitive. It is possible to associate multiple devices and concatenate them in different "scenes", or manage them individually. With each registered device we can also associate a room, making management more convenient if we have several connected devices. USE It is a great first step in the world of home automation, to turn on / off the light comfortably sitting on the couch, or to turn it on while being in another room is comfortable and rewarding. And it works. The good thing is that it integrates itself with Apple HomeKit and so the various combinations of use are not going to end, especially if you also have a tv app which can make HomeKit compatible access control center. Ultimately I find myself satisfied with the purchase and I am sure she will make her beautiful figure as soon as used in the presence of guests. Hopefully it will be useful to attach photos of both the interface and the product mounted, as well as the packaging.

  • By M*********January 25, 2018 22:19:54

    For anyone who has Apple HomeKit at home and do not want to spend hundreds of USD (because of this we talk about) to take compatible bulbs, this adapter is the perfect solution! Technology is still new, and the product obviously pays for it, as $39 is not a very affordable price, but definitely below its competitors! Remote controls and voice assistance are the perfect setting for a product that, as a title, does its job in an excellent way. Connected the adapter, downloaded the app, connected via the code (present in the manual) and... Just do! Three steps, less than 10 seconds the one! Timer, turn on, turn off, and create rooms and scenes, all within reach! By the way, you can name the adapter and command it through Siri. Do you need more? For the adapter itself, ABS plastic makes it resistant to scratches and bumps, although for obvious reasons I did not want to test it! So small to fit in any environment, even if outdoor use is not recommended! Very helpful, at the time I wrote the review I did not encounter any problems of any kind!

  • By M*************January 25, 2018 03:25:24

    Easy, Fun and Addicting!! I started off purchasing the Koogeek outlet plugs and came on Amazon to order more of those (as I said this whole automation becomes fun and addictive so next thing you know you're counting every lightbulb and outlet in your house to add more to) Then I saw they had these lightbulb sockets which were a game changer for me. I love the outlets however they are large and you lose your entire outlet due to their size so the fact that I could keep my outlets as is and still have my lamps be automated was great for me. This is an extremely useful "smart" light bulb device that will essentially turn any plain LED light bulb into a wifi enabled one. This lets you control turning it off/on and the brightness with your phone anywhere. I've used this to turn off my lights after I've left the house when I knew I had forgotten to before I left. You can also set automatic timers with the Koogeek app to turn off and on automatically at certain times. The most important thing was how easy it was to set this up. After downloading the app for the iPhone, I just followed the instructions and the light was connected in no time at all, i think it took less than 30 seconds for the whole process and it was completely painless. The app interface was also easy to use and fairly self-explanatory. Overall if you are looking for a way to smarten-up your home but you aren't looking to spend hundreds of dollars on the Phillips solution this is the way to go!!

  • By a*********January 24, 2018 20:04:02

    I don't want the movie it's was accident do not like golf stop the payment please

  • By L**January 24, 2018 03:15:14

    Works well 90% of the time. If only ti could work with Alexa

  • By R*************January 22, 2018 20:23:23

     I bought this for my daughter since she thought it would make her life so much easier to be able to use her iPhone to shut off the light in her room. I figured anything to make sure I am saving on electricity has to be a good idea. This really is easy to use since you just download an app that allows you to control this from your phone and it really does work well.

SK1 Socket E26/E27
  • Siri Controlled

    Use voice to control your device

  • Schedule

    Set schedules and timers to automate your home

  • Easy to control

    Control the Smart Socket from anywhere with your smartphone

  • Consumption Monitor

    Show energy consumption or electricity cost

  • e

Works with apple homekit
Apple homekit technology provides an easy, secure way to control homekit-enabled accessories
Easy setup & app control
After installing your smart socket, configure it from the koogeek home app with just a few simple steps
Monitor power consumption
Check the working status and monitor real-time, daily and monthly power consumption via the koogeek app
Remote Control
You can set up your Apple TV (4th generation or later with tvOS 10 or later) or iPad (running iOS 10 or later) as a home hub and control Koogeek Smart Socket even when you're away from home.
Create "scenes" 
Create scenes to control multiple accessories at the same time. Turn a scene on or off by tapping it, setting a schedule/timer or just asking siri
System Requirements
HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch with iOS 8.1 or later
ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS, Wi-Fi 
Power input
90~250VAC, 50/60Hz
Power output
Max Load
Home Wi-Fi
2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n)
Size and Weight
  • Diameter: 64.5mm
  • Height: 74.5mm
  • Weight: Approx. 163g
Package contents

Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket / Quick Start Guide