Privacy Policy

    Koogeek Home

    This policy applies to all information collected or submitted by Koogeek app.

    Collection of Information

    Koogeek tries to minimize the amount of data it collects to be functional. Without your permission, Koogeek will not collect or share any of the home information (including the name of your homes, rooms, zones and accessories, the content of scenes, schedules and actions) with the developer. However, to help the developer better improve the app and understand the usage of the app, by granting Koogeek access to your home data, you understand that Koogeek may collect and share basic usage information (like iOS version, when the app launches) with the developer. When "Use Enhanced Metadata" is enabled, Koogeek may collect and share the basic accessory information (like manufacturer, model, firmware version and accessory attributes) with the developer. That information will be anonymous and will only be used to match updated accessory metadata.
    When creating an account in Koogeek community, you will be asked to provide an email address, a password and a display name. The email you provide is only used for logging in, resetting the password and communicating about the proposal you submitted via Koogeek Home app. The provided password is being stored in hashed form and no plaintext version of the password is being stored on Koogeek's server.

    Information Usage

    We use the information we collect to improve our website, apps, and customer support.
    We will not share your personal information with outside parties unless it's required by law enforcement with appropriate documents.
    We may share anonymous, analytical statistics with outside parties, such as the number of people with "Update Accessory Metadata" enabled activates a particular accessory model.

    Third-party Links and Content

    Koogeek may display links and content from third-party sites. These have their own independent privacy policies, and we have no responsibility or liability for their content or activities.

    Your Consent

    By granting Koogeek access to your home data on your iOS device, you consent to our privacy policy.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions related to this privacy policy, you may email

    Changes to Privacy Policy

    If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.

    Koogeek Health

    Our confidentiality policy has been drafted in order to explain with total transparency how we process your personal data.
    If you do not find the answer to your questions in this document, feel free to contact us through this

    1. Which data is collected?

    The use of Koogeek products and services request data to be collected. Those data identifies you either directly or indirectly.
    Data that identifies you directly may be your first name or surname, your date of birth, your e-mail address, your photo, etc. We may also collect data that identify you indirectly such as your weight.

    2. Which means are at your disposal to keep control of your personal data?

    We believe that you should always have the means to protect your privacy when you use connected objects. At Koogeek we consider that we should support you and protect your privacy as fully as possible by guaranteeing you the following rights:
    Right to access your data
    Your personal data is and shall remain easily accessible. This means that you can always export your personal data in an open format for you to easily keep and access to them.
    Right to amend your data
    At any time you may amend, add to, delete or update the personal data produced by an active measurement on your part. This may be done directly in the application or on request.
    Right to object to your data being processed
    You may for legitimate reasons object to your personal data being processed by contacting our customer service department. However, be aware that this action might limit the scope of Koogeek products and services.
    Right to protect your data
    At Koogeek, we use various methods to safeguard your data How do we protect your data? you need to have a password-protected account to access your data.
    Right to control your data sharing
    We have designed and developed a dashboard that shows you clearly with whom you have shared your data. This tool has been conceived to allow you to control and stop the sharing of your data with our partners or with other users.

    3. How to identify data collected?

    Transparency and easy access are key factors for us. We have created this list of pictograms so that you can easily identify what is processed.
    Identity data
    Body metrics data
    Activity data

    4. Which data is collected and when?

    Koogeek objects and services collect data when you use them. We decided to list and explain you in details different scenarios in order for you to have a clear understanding of the means of data collections we use.
    You, therefore, transmit data to us:
    ▪ When you visit and use our websites and services
    ▪ When you create a Koogeek account
    ▪ When you use our applications
    ▪ When you activate and use a Koogeek product
    ▪ When you log on to your Koogeek account with a partner
    ▪ When you contact our customer service department
    ▪ When you visit and use our websites and services
    We collect certain data when you use our website or when you take part in our events or reply to our questionnaires. Certain information is collected even if you do not have a Koogeek account. This may happen when you view pages, take part in surveys, competitions or events, write a comment on our website, share a page on a social network, order a product, etc.
    When you order a product on our website, we have to retain certain data relating to your order, such as your delivery and billing address, even if you choose the option allowing you to order without creating an account. However, Koogeek will never have access or store your bank details

    5. Can the privacy policy change?

    We may change our confidentiality policy to adapt to your needs, to the evolution of the legal framework or when we develop our products and services. We shall inform you of any modification performed.