IoT Pioneer

about koogeek
  • Aiming at high-quality life with health, comfort and convenience, Koogeek builds up the "Smart Cloud System”, which includes intelligent management, health monitor, big data analysis, social network sharing, customized service, one-click shopping and more.
  • 1. Intelligent Management: Users can connect or manage various Koogeek's smart devices through the Koogeek 'Smart Cloud System'.
  • 2. Health Monitor: Users can instantly monitor health measurements from smart devices.
  • 3. Big Data Analysis: Based on users’ habits, behaviors and health data, Koogeek can provide various services to improve your health, such as health tips, exercise advices, nutrition facts and diet plans.
  • 4. Social Network Sharing: Koogeek allows data sharing between users through social network medias, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • 5. Customized Services: Through the big data analysis, Koogeek can provide the best customized services, such as personal doctors, life assistants, to make life better and less stress.
  • 6. One-click Shopping: With just one click, you can purchase your favorite smart hardware or services.