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Koogeek's affordable HomeKit accessories are a great way to start your smart home

HomeKit is Apple’s home automation platform that they have been steadily building on for a number of years. Accessories are easily paired with your iOS device and linked to your iCloud account, offering some of the tightest security in the home automation market.


Add a smart plug to every room in your home

Smart homes are the future and thanks to our pals at Thrifter getting started just got more affordable!


Smart Switch vs Smart Bulb: Which Is Best for Your Smart Home

Should you buy smart bulbs or smart switches for your smart home setup? It all depends on your preferences!


New HomeKit-enabled LED Light Bulb from Koogeek arrives at $37

Koogeek has officially released its new HomeKit-enabled Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb, the latest in its ever-expanding line of Apple-friendly accessories.


Koogeek Launches Family of Inexpensive Smart Home and Health Devices at CES

Koogeek, one of China’s earliest adopters of Apple HomeKit offers an inexpensive range of beautifully designed, high-tech products created to enhance quality of life.


Smart Socket von Koogeek: Adapter bringt normale Lampen ins HomeKit

Wer klassische Leuchtmittel über Apples HomeKit steuern möchte, für den hat Koogeek eine smarte Lösung: Mit dem Adapter Smart Socket machen Sie aus „dummen“ ganz einfach „smarte“ Lampen.


Review: Koogeek Smart Socket adapts your existing bulbs to work with HomeKit & Siri voice control

There are many ways to add HomeKit-connected lights to your home, allowing you to turn them on and off from your phone at a tap or with your voice using Siri.


Koogeek Smart Socket: Ein Apple-Home für jede Birne

Unkomplizierter Birnen-Adapter für Homekit-Verliebte


Así logré ahorrar (bastante) dinero gracias a la domótica

En mi caso opté por el KooGeek, un enchufe que no primera marca pero lo suficientemente versátil para mis necesidades.


Get 6 months of Republic Wireless phone service for free

Plus: You've seen smart outlets; now here's a smart light-bulb socket!


Fill your house with Koogeek's HomeKit accessories for up to 26% less right now

The idea of being able to control various outlets, light sockets and light switches around your house from a single app is awesome, right? 


Обзор умного градусника Koogeek T1, который измеряет температуру за секунду

Термометр — самый популярный медицинский прибор, который есть в каждой семье. 


Koogeek Smart Socket, a socket for connecting all bulbs

his is how the manufacturer of small connected objects Koogeek presents its solution Smart Socket able to connect any type of bulbs.


«Умный» патрон Koogeek – как говорить с лампочкой

Дома умнеют с каждым годом, в этом уже никто не сомневается. Умнеют в том смысле, что смарт-гаджетов, систем и приборов в современных жилищах становится с каждым годом все больше.


Con Koogeek Smart Socket le luci di casa si gestiscono con l’iPhone

L’adattatore Wi-Fi per lampade consente di gestire l’illuminazione domestica in modo semplice ed efficace.


Koogeek Smart Plug converts regular light socket into Apple HomeKit light

Smarthome vendor Koogeek has updated its line of HomeKit products, and has released the Smart Socket —a device that plugs into any Edison-style lightbulb receptacle turning it into a Siri-controllable light.


Review: Koogeek Smart WiFi Light Switch 2.4Ghz No Hub Required Single Pole

Koogeek has a new Smart Light Switch that connects to a home network and can be controlled with voice commands.


Con Koogeek Smart Socket E27 arriva in Italia il primo portalampada Homekit

Homekit non solo sulle prese comandate ma direttamente con un adattatore Wi-Fi su portalampada Edison per lampade fino a 25 watt. 


Controllo salute Smart Koogeek. Bilancia, termometro, sfigmomanometro e elettrostimolatore.

Poi ho provato l’ecosistema e, a parte l’imprecisione della mia unità termometro, ho trovato l’ecosistema Koogeek ben fatto e ben funzionante.


Da Koogeek un elettrostimolatore smart per addominali che si collega all’iPhone

Un nuovo accessorio da Koogeek non solo fa da elettrostimolatore, ma registra e salva su iPhone tutta una serie di parametri. Adatto a chi non ha tempo per andare in palestra…


Llevo meses utilizando accesorios HomeKit y no veo razón para cambiar de plataforma

Hoy, las cosas son diferentes, HomeKit es más accesible y a mi por lo menos me ha convencido, es el futuro de la demótica.


The Koogeek Smart Socket Makes an Ordinary Light Bulb HomeKit Ready

The Koogeek Smart Socket is a HomeKit-equipped accessory that turns almost any regular, cheap light bulb into a smart one. 


Review: Koogeek Smart WiFi Light Switch 2.4Ghz No Hub Required Single Pole

Koogeek has a new Smart Light Switch that connects to a home network and can be controlled manually or with voice commands.


Review: Koogeek Smart Light Bulb Siri Socket Adapter WiFi Enabled SK-1 E26

Koogeek is a company known for its many Smart products with the new E26 SK-1 Smart WiFi Light Bulb Socket Adapter being one of them.


Koogeek Smart Socket Makes Lights Smart Via HomeKit And Siri

Put simply, it enables you to turn a home light on and off by tapping your handset or asking Siri to do it.


Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear – EMS Abdominal Muscle Exercises?

Koogeek aim to produce high quality products to match a high quality life.


In prova Koogeek Smart Socket E27 WiFi: il portalampada HomeKit per il vostro iPhone

Macitynet ha provato per qualche settimana il portalampada standard E27 che permette di avvicinarsi con facilità al mondo Homekit. Ecco come va.


Im Test: Koogeek S1 (Smarte Waage: Bluetooth & WLAN) für 42,39€

Warum ich lachend beim Koogeek S1 Test den Kopf schütteln musste, mir klar wurde, warum man die App Apple Health nicht löschen kann und warum wir immer mehr kritische Amazon Bewertungen lesen. 


Get a Koogeek Smart Plug for $23.99

Add Koogeek's app into the mix and you can schedule timers, monitor energy consumption and -- if you deploy multiple plugs -- create 'scenes' to control multiple devices simultaneously.


Great Christmas gift: Koogeek Smart Plug is a simple, inexpensive, Wi-Fi HomeKit device to get started with Siri home automation

If you are looking for a HomeKit plug, the Koogeek is a great option that does the job well and has no significant downsides.


Koogeek S1 Smart Scale review

If you are looking for a way of accurately tracking your overall body mass as part of your new "smart" fitness drive, then this is a solid option.


Best digital scales: Wi-Fi digital bathroom scales measure weight, BMI, fat and other health metrics

The latest digital smart scales enable you to wirelessly monitor your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and other metrics.


Koogeek's Affordable Smart Plug Speaks Siri's Language

Koogeek's affordable alternative is designed with Apple users in mind.


Koogeek – Bluetooth Smart Infrared Instant Thermometer?

Health is a precious thing, which is why the Koogeek Smart Thermometer is affordable for all those who want to purchase it.


Koogeek - The First Healthy Ecological Enterprise of Asia

Based on monitoring family health, Koogeek assists in disease prevention and treatment while achieved united health management of the individual, family and hospital.


Best Koogeek Smart Scale-Easy Your Life

Koogeek is a smart home products manufacturer. In 2016, they invested over $ 20 million to develop the advanced smart home product series to improve our life quality.


Koogeek's inexpensive Wi-Fi Smart Plug: HomeKit compatible and great-looking

I'd highly recommend the Koogeek brand to anyone who is thinking of setting up home automation.


Koogeek Homekit Smartplug review

This Koogeek Smartplug is the first device I’ve tried that is compatible with Apple Homekit and I think I'm in love.


Koogeek – łazienkowa waga z BT i WiFi

Koogeek to przydatny, łazienkowy gadżet, który pomoże nam w monitorowaniu naszej wagi.


Bilancia smart Koogeek, la nostra prova (foto e video)

La bilancia di Koogeek ci ha stupito in positivo e l'abbiamo trovata un prodotto interessante e molto 'smart'.


Koogeek: bilancia Bluetooth + Wi-Fi che si controlla con lo smartphone

Se siete amanti del fitness allora dovreste dare una opportunità alla bilancia Koogeek: 8 modalità differenti e fino a 16 profili configurabili.



Jeśli żyliście w przekonaniu, że wagi łazienkowe to nudny temat, byliście w mocnym błędzie.


Koogeek je nová značka vecí inteligentnej domácnosti so skvelou cenou z Číny

V čínskom obchode TomTop sa objavili nové zariadenia značky koogeek , ktoré zaujmú nielen svojou výbavou, ale najmä veľmi atraktívnou cenou.