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Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug

Use the Koogeek Home app and Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant voice commands to control your devices.

koogeek Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug

Hey Siri ......

Control connected lamps, fans and other appliances using Siri voice commands directly from your iOS device without launching the app.

Works with Amazon Alexa

After successfully pairing with your Amazon Echo, you can directly ask Alexa to turn it on or off.

Pairing Instruction >

Works with the Google Assistant

You can use the Google Assistant for voice control, even if you don't have a Google Home.

Pairing Instruction >

Using Apple HomeKit Technology

With Apple HomeKit technology, you can control any of the "Works with Apple HomeKit" accessories that you have in your home using the Koogeek Home app (Apple Home app) and Siri on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch.

smart plug Using Apple HomeKit Technology
  • Monitor power consumption

  • Set schedules & timers

  • Remotely turn on/off

Easy Setup with Free App

With the Koogeek Home app, you can easily control, monitor and schedule any connected device from anywhere through easy setup. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or Android 4.3 or later devices.

smart plug Easy Setup with Free App

Create Scenes to Control Devices Simultaneously

Create personalized scenes on your iOS devices and control multiple devices with a schedule, a tap, or simply a single Siri voice command that activates a particular pre-set "scene". For example, "Hey Siri, good night" might turn on your bedroom humidifier and turn off your nightstand lamp.

Good morning

Good night

I’m out

I’m home

Set Schedules and Timers to Automate Your Home

On your iOS devices, custom scheduling lets you time the Plug‘s activity to meet your daily routine.

Monitor Power Consumption

Check whether your Smart Plug is in use and monitor real-time, daily and monthly electric power consumption on your iOS devices.



Power/Wi-Fi status indicator

  • Size: 65*65*56 (mm)

    Power input: 95~120VAC Max, 60Hz

    Resistive: 15A,1800W

  • System requirements:

    Home Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)

    WPA or WPA2 network security

  • By L*********February 2, 2018 23:22:46

    Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to control remotely with the Koogeek app on my iPhone.

  • By M*********February 2, 2018 02:14:43

    Perfect and complete Homekit integration. Does exactly what it is supposed to. I have three of these now.

  • By R****February 1, 2018 03:02:11

    So nice to be able to control an outlet on my iPhone and not spend a fortune for the convenience.

  • By P****January 30, 2018 20:27:12

    Setup took literally few seconds, straight through Home Kit, and I was controlling lamps and fans in a matter of 1 minute. The ONLY downside is the size of those things... Expect to lose 1 outlet plug. I wish they were a little slimmer.

  • By D*******January 29, 2018 20:53:40

    Setup with Apple HomeKit is extremely easy. Only had one or two issues where it has lost connection to the home hub/network, just unplug it and plug it back in.

  • By A*********January 28, 2018 23:45:32

    I intended on using this smart plug with Siri HomeKit. The reason why I got this in the first place is because my wife wanted a "Clap Clap" solution to turn off the bedroom lights (we always fight over this), which got me thinking about better ways to do it. Once I started with the HomeKit alternative, I ended up automating the entire house using HomeKit accessories where available. This includes, plugs, bulbs, motion sensors to turn on / off lights in the living room etc. So I do have some experience setting the HomeKit devices up. Pros: 1. Solid Construction. If it had an Apple logo on it, I wouldn't for 1 second doubt that it was legitimate. 2. Never had any connection problems till date. Please keep in mind that I have been using this with iOS 10.2 with an Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10.1. I used the default iOS Home app to add the accessory. This is in stark contrast to one of the other HomeKit enabled devices that I bought - Incipio CommandKit Bulb Adapter which keeps losing connection left and right. Why does it matter? I have these plugs hooked on to my wife's hair straightener and an iron box. Think of the scenario where you are not sure if you turned them off and you wanted to check the status on your Home App and it says "No Response" in red. Yea, I would freak out. Also, please use HomeKit with a dedicated Apple TV 4 or an iPad that is always home and hooked to power. HomeKit works so much better this way. 3. It does track energy consumption, but the only way to see it is via the 'Koogeek Home' app from the App Store (which is not their fault). Kind of a bummer that it cannot be tracked via the iOS Home app. Cons: 1. The plug is a little too huge. The adjacent plug point is rendered useless. I don't use a lot of plug points so I was okay with that. If you are short on plug points, I can't think of any good plug option. It does seem like the Incipio CommandKit Smart Outlet is more wider than its tall, so if you do have two plug points stacked on top of each other, it may be a viable option. However, with the bad experience that I have had with their Bulb adapter, I am not sure if it is a good option.

  • By H********************January 27, 2018 02:58:38

    Great product. It works exactly as advertised. I have had no issues at all. I like the scheduling feature that appears to work without a functioning network once it is programmed from the app. So good I bought 4 more.

  • By A*****************January 26, 2018 03:09:16

    Basic, and works as advertised. Add it to your HomeKit setup, and you can turn on and off whatever is plugged into it using the standard HomeKit features of scenes, scheduled automations, as well as on demand: "Hey Siri turn on the sofa lights". "Sofa lights" can be set to any reasonable text in the accompanying app. The free app also doubles as another way to manage basic settings of and activate your HomeKit scenes and devices. The product also monitors the amount of power used by the devices connected to it and can be reviewed in the app. Just a couple of gotchas: First, it's on/off, but no dimming (for lights). Second, it slightly blocks the neighboring socket. You'll be fine plugging in a lamp cord into the the outlet's second socket, but anything beefier and you will have a pretty tight fit. Make the product shorter and I would give it 5 stars. Now, if they would only add "clapper" on/off capability to it as well. ;)

  • By s************January 25, 2018 02:31:56

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus with "HomeKit" and most lower priced items don't work with IOS and the HomeKit but this one does! What should cost more doesn't and I'm glad since it didn't hurt to much to be my first smart plug. I wasn't sure about this smart plug but online I found a promo code so I took a chance and I'm so glad I did. So easy to set up, easy to set up timers and alarms. I use the timer to wake up to in the morning and instead of hearing some annoying alarm my bed side lamps turn on to gently wake me up. Also I have set it up to turn on or off when I leave, enter or go to sleep. These are the only smart plugs I'm going to use. Also I rarely write reviews but I'm SOOOO happy with the product that I'm writing this review. Koogeek keep up the good work and thank you!!!

  • By F*************January 24, 2018 01:54:17

    Very good!

  • By R***************January 23, 2018 02:56:36

    I bought one of these as an introduction to home automation. It worked so well that I bought two more.

  • By P**************January 22, 2018 01:47:59

    Gave it as a gift to my son - he loved it. So I bought one. - I love it. Great functionality!

  • By N***************January 19, 2018 00:46:57

    Works great, integrates with HomeKit without other apps. Will see how it hold up.

  • By B**************January 17, 2018 19:42:25

    very good

  • By P*********January 16, 2018 21:56:21

    The Koogeek Smart Plug was an amazing purchase. It allows you to control whatever is plugged into it from anywhere in your home at anytime. The free app is very user-friendly and easy to set up. The only downside is that you have to be connected to the wifi to use it so it cannot be used on the go. The upside to this problem is the schedules system!

  • By N*****January 13, 2018 22:39:11

    Worked flawlessly. Extremely impressed at the IOS integration.

  • By E********January 12, 2018 23:55:39

    Just got mine to today and quickly set up. I'm replacing all of my WeMo insight outlets with these. It's well worth it just for the HomeKit integration, but these are a little cheaper, have a bit smaller of a footprint and don't "boot up" like the WeMo switches when unplugged and plugged back in.

  • By M******January 11, 2018 23:22:39

    Worked perfectly! Plugged it in, downloaded the app, took a pic of the HomeKit number in the manual, gave it a name, assigned it to a room, and done. Zero problems. Even shows the watts used in the app.

  • By I*************January 10, 2018 23:32:43

    Easy to install and as described. Works fine with HomeKit.

  • By C*************January 9, 2018 22:36:54

    Works great

P1 Plug
  • Siri Controlled

    Use voice to control your device

  • Schedule

    Set schedules and timers to automate your home

  • Easy to control

    Control the Smart Plug from anywhere with your smartphone

  • Consumption Monitor

    Show energy consumption or electricity cost

  • w

Works with Apple Homekit
With the Koogeek Home app or Apple Home app, you can control connected lamp.
Siri voice commands
The smart plug responds to Siri, letting you control your home directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
Set schedules and timers
Set custom schedules and timers for a device or a scene
Monitor energy consumption
Electricity cost energy reporting helps you see how much power, on average, your electronics are using
Remote Control
You can set up your Apple TV (4th generation or later with tvOS 10 or later) or iPad (running iOS 10 or later) as a home hub and control Koogeek Smart Plug even when you're away from home.
Create "scenes" 
Control multiple products with a single Siri voice command that activates a particular pre-set "scene"
System Requirements
HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch with iOS 8.1 or later
Power input
120VAC Max, 60Hz
Power output
15A, 1800W
Home Wi-Fi
2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n)
Size and Weight
  • Length: 65mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Thickness: 56mm
  • Weight: Approx. 101g
Package contents

Koogeek Smart Plug / Quick Start Guide