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Smart Thermometer

Advanced infrared technology provides more secure and accurate one-second temperature measurement.

smart thermometer

Mode Switch

Switch between two modes.

Ear temperature mode



Forehead temperature mode
smart thermometer Ear temperature and Forehead temperature

Scientific and Accurate

Designed with the high precision infrared sensor, which can automatically scan and transmit the temperature to the chip. The measurement error is within ±0.2℃.

smart thermometer Scientific and Accurate


Rapid Measurement

One click, and the body temperature can be measured in 1 second.

smart thermometer Rapid Measurement



Memory Function

Koogeek Smart Thermometer can store the latest 30 sets of measurement data. In addition, the previous measurement data can be transferred to the Koogeek app via Bluetooth. The body temperature can be saved and checked easily.

smart thermometer Memory Function



sets of data


11:36:23 28th Sep


20:05:53 18th Sep


08:30:15. 12th Sep


15:50:08 05th Sep

Delicate Design

Smooth curved design, easy to use.

smart thermometer Delicate Design

High Quality Material

Adopt tough, environmentally friendly and fire-retardant composite materials.

  • Dust proof

  • Drop proof

  • Dirt proof

smart thermometer

Forehead measurement

Indicator light

Current measurement mode


Measurement mode switch

Ear measurement


  • By J**************January 29, 2018 19:28:57

    Overall the experience of using this product is good. It comes in nice modern packaging. Below are my thoughts on the device. POSITIVES: - Easy setup - Track temperatures with the Koogeek app or see data in Apple Health App - Infrared sensor allows germs not to get all over tip - Works for adults and children - Simple to connect to smartphone - Easy to switch back and forth between forehead and ear measurements - Can start measurement from smartphone or thermometer - Device has a last 30 measurement memory - Very accurate between forehead and ear readings, very quick readings - Auto shutoff when not being used - Cover for tip - Display to show which mode, but also has light that displays which mode you are on - Fahrenheit and Celcius readings CONS: - Device seems rather large compared to other bluetooth thermometers

  • By H*********January 29, 2018 03:27:00

    Works nicely...

  • By m*********May 3, 2017 13:12:02

    I received this product for free to test. This is a great thermometer. All advertised features work as intended. Included in the box is the thermometer, and instructions. Batteries are also supplied, as well as a cover to keep the temperature sensing area clean. Recording temperature is done by pressing a button on the side. It takes about 1 second to take the measurement, after which it is displayed on the built-in screen. The thermometer has a mode for measuring ear temperature, and one for the forehead. Pressing a button on the thermometer will switch between the modes. Holding this button will turn it off. Conclusion: it is very easy to use. The thermometer will work perfectly fine without connecting it to your phone. If you do wish to connect it to your phone, the process is very simple. It will appear in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices, you connect to it, then install the app. The app itself logs all the temperature readings taken with the temperature. This could be useful to see how the temperature that you are measuring changes over time, without having to write readings down. Overall, I have no gripes with this device, all features work as intended, and the price seems reasonable compared to similar devices. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  • By l***********April 30, 2017 22:50:05

     This "SMART" device is really awesome. This industrial design is never seen before. With really cute hood to cover the thermometer, also you can hang it if necessary. Interestingly you can download their APP in order to monitor and keep track to your forehead and ear temperature. I think it's essential if you can children around. The test speed is really quick, less than half second I assume. Also you can switch the mode between forehead and ear thermometer. Even though I am not able to tell the differences.. Anyway this product is pretty well-made and solid ! Totally recommended ! I received this product at discounted price in exchange my honest review.

  • By m******April 30, 2017 01:02:09

    i took this Innovative thermometer with bluetooth support! it is Amazing ! i can measure the fever to my children and keep track on my iPhone! also it included all i need to use this thermometer ! The display that it has is very clear and i can see al info ! accurate measurement, and very fast in the measurement !

  • By n*****************April 29, 2017 01:34:58

    When it comes to health management, technology innovation is making it fast and simple to take things into your own hands. The best way to determine if you need care and assist your provider with information to give you the best care is a detailed and accurate assessment of signs and symptoms. With the Koogeek Smart Thermometer, you have a temperature record that can be stored in a phone application with just one click and in one second. The first thing I wanted to do was download the application Koogeek in the Apple App Store, onto my iPhone 7 Plus. This application is very user-friendly and I was able to easily set up the new device so my temps taken will be synced to it. The device itself is also very user-friendly and a quick look at the instructions was all it took to be able to use all of the functions. The device comes with a battery pre-installed so if you hold the power button it will come right on. This button also controls viewing celsius or Fahrenheit temperature. The thermometer has a very nice cap on it for when it’s not in use. There are only two main buttons, a display, and two indicator lights for use on the forehead or in-ear use. There are instructions included that explain how to properly take a temperature. I have tried this out multiple times on both mine and my son’s ear and we had no signs of a fever and both our temps were in normal range and turning off the device and coming back to it later the temps barely changed. That’s a good indicator of its accuracy because it’s reading the temp levels that we should be. Also, it was within .2 of another thermometer that I own. The Koogeek thermometer itself has the ability to store the last thirty temperatures taken and by switching the function to memory I was able to read them on the device. That in itself is a great perk if you don’t have the phone on you but you just have the thermometer you can still get a record of past temperature taken. Overall I’m most impressed by the speed and accuracy of this product. This would be a great product to have if you’re a parent. This just makes it a lot easier and my sons more compliant waiting one second for me to get it as opposed to taking a minute. "This product was received at a free or discounted price in exchange for my thoughts and review. I am a technology journalist and product reviewer. I Pride myself on providing fair and honest reviews. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have."

T1 Thermometer
  • Dual Modes

    Ear temperature mode & Forehead temperature mode

  • Memory Function

    Store the latest 30 sets of measurement data

  • Free App

    Available on iOS and Android

  • Smart Measurement

    Measure temperature in 1 second

Smart & Rapid Measurement
Advanced infrared sensor technology provides more secure and accurate temperature measurement. The body temperature can be measured in 1 second with one click, faster than other standard thermometers.
Track Your Temperature via Free App
Free Koogeek app lets you track your or your child’s body temperature in real time through the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and monitor your health trends whenever and wherever. 
Safe & Sanitary 
No contact with the skin, making it the most sanitary way to take temperature.The thermometer will produce a alarm sound if measurement temperature is lower than 93.2°F / 34°C or higher than 107.9°F / 42.2°C.
Memory Function
Store the latest 30 sets of measurement data and the previous measurement data can be transferred to the Koogeek app through Bluetooth. The body temperature can be saved and checked easily.
Wireless version
Size and Weight
  • Length: 143.05mm
  • Width: 33.12mm
  • Thickness: 30.09mm
  • Weight: Approx. 66g
Package contents

Koogeek Smart Thermometer / CR2032 Coin Cell Battery / Instruction Manual