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Smart Wireless Digital Body Weight Scale

Smart Wireless Digital Body Weight Scale
Smart Wireless Data Sync Technology

Smart Wireless Data Sync Technology

Pairing your scale with the free Koogeek app (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth, measured data will be synced and uploaded to your Koogeek account automatically and wirelessly.

Highly Accurate

Adopt 4 high-precision sensors to measure your weight. Just step on the scale and it will power on automatically.

When it displays “0.00”, step on again, and the highly accurate measured weight will be displayed instantly. The weight capacity is up to 440lb / 200kg.

Set Goals and View Progress

Bind an account to the Scale with the Koogeek app through easy setup. You can set target weight and view weight trends easily on your iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or later devices.

16 Users Recognition

16 Users Recognition

Recognize and record data of up to 16 users. Whenever you step on the scale, it will recognize who you are and send your weight data straightly to your Koogeek account.

You can invite your friends and family to enjoy the experience.

Weigh Your Baby

Weigh yourself first, then hold your baby to weigh when your weight data get steady. Your baby's weight will be automatically calculated and synced to the Koogeek app. Launch the app to check your baby's weight trends.

Revolutionary Design

Adopt 4 premium feet to protect the bottom of scale from scratches. Designed with high-quality tempered glass platform, which is incredibly sturdy and durable. A sleek and ultra clear glass surface makes it look great in any home.

  • By A*******May 27, 2017 03:39:03

    This scale is top notch! It has a very modern design and is very attractive but most importantly, accurate! It's capabilities are endless! You can track your weight, set goals, see very informative graphs and charts including the BMI. It synced with the app within 15 seconds! It can track multiple users and even has a baby holding option that will automatically subtract your weight and provide the accurate weight of the baby...or anything else you hold that can't stand on the scale itself. One great feature is that it can sync with Google Fit and provide valuable insight to your health. There's several other products that work seemlessly with the app and can track blood pressure, temperature, steps ECT... I verified that it was accurate compared to 2 of my other scales and it's right on! There's so many other useful features that it offers through the awesome companion app! You are going to love it! It's worth every dime! I plan on purchasing all of the companion products as well because I am so happy with this scale and app!!

  • By A*****May 26, 2017 19:12:51

    They come with four batteries you only need to take a small paper out and the scales are ready to go out of the box… Fantastic! They are beautiful, very minimalist in appearance, the white glass surface looks great and with a tempered glass cover, it looks like it built to last. The app is really easy to use, after registering an account, it automatically connects to the monitor without any extra work and explains everything in detail about your results and tracks your progress. As soon as you step on they turn on, weigh you and display the weight clearly thanks to a backlit display. Step off and a few seconds later they turn themselves off. My tips: When taking measurements, make sure you wear as few clothing as possible and stand on the scale with bare feet without wearing any socks. Take multiple measurements to see if the results are consistent if you have any doubt. No real way to know if they are totally accurate, but for this price point, it's great to have more information and data to try to stay healthy. It’s incredible value for the price! I'm super pleased, it's a great looking scale and works great 10/10.

  • By K*****May 23, 2017 22:59:30

    With my old scale I would also write my weight down into my notes on my phone so that I could look back through the different dates and see what I weighed. This is really nice that it hooks up through bluetooth to my phone app and keeps all my information in it for my automatically. It was really easy to hook up to my phone. I like that it turns on when you stand both feet on it and if you are connected to bluetooth on your phone it will hook up. It also gives you your BMI which is nice to know. I also like the feature that you can weight your baby. I'm pregnant and can't wait to use that function to keep track of what my baby weighs! The app is very user friendly!

  • By B**********May 23, 2017 17:24:46

    Excellent scales, which (although marketed for assisting in the weighing of babies) I purchased for myself. I'm currently on a 'new me' program and have lost six stones in the last year; however, I still have another two stones to go....... Incredibly easy to setup (full instructions included) and operate. I was effortlessly able to sync the scales to my iPhone by scanning the QR code, which links you to the Koogeek Health app. Crystal clear LED display, which accurately measures your weight. The tempered glass is extremely strong and sturdy, and looks ultra modern in my bathroom!!!! Great value for the money too :) :) :) Thank you xxx

  • By S****May 22, 2017 12:44:47

    This is one of those unnecessary products you buy because you are in that buying mood - but quickly realise it was an amazing purchase and use it every day since! I love that type of buy! If you are trying to lose weight - get this product. There is no motivation like tracking a graph of your progress on your app - it is simply superb and I would recommend it for this alone - but It gets better! Build quality is a big win here. Glass topped with a futuristic concealed screen and a sexy glossy white finish means this thing looks and feels great. There are 4 large rubber feet on the bottom, so this scale could slide about even if you tried! You can set your weight to Stones, pounds or kilogrammes with a toggle button under the battery cover. There is no on switch, the scale springs into action when you step on it! The free app for bluetooth connectivity is functional and works well! Overall a very modern well-built scale with a 10/10 weight tracking app through your smartphone! P.S: Thankfully batteries are included!!

  • By R****************May 22, 2017 10:57:24

    All scales are equal are they not and all do the same thing!!!! If you think that then these scales will blow you away, they are designed to look futuristic and they are futuristic, they use your phone to enable you to keep track of your weight loss and also the app is very easy to use, you just download it and register then sync it to the scales (you need to turn them on to be able to do this) The scales saves the weight of up to 16 people, so it would be great for all the family and extended family. The app lets you set your weight goal and tracks how you are doing against your target weight. The white tempered glass does not show any figures until you step on the scales to turn them on, I like the idea of auto off scales as this saves battery life, when I am on about batteries the scales come compete with 4 AA batteries and all you need to do is pull the plastic tab out of the battery case to activate them. The scales measure in Kg and lb's and good old fashioned stones and lb's, which is what I like to use. I cannot find anything negative to say about these scales and with a price tag of £23.99 they are more expensive than other scales, BUT these are not like other scales, they are the next generation of scales :)

  • By M**********May 21, 2017 13:57:41

    In my endless quest to lose weight, and become fitter and healthier, my smartwatch has become my new best friend. It has become so useful, in tracking my steps and calories and has overtaken my social networks when it comes to checking my phone. I decided I wanted something that I could accurately track my weight from as well. After baulking at the cost of the FItBit aria scales for £100 I searched for a cheaper alternative and settled on the Koogeek smart scales. These arrived neatly packaged, and come with the batteries included (just pull the tab and away you go) as well as with some instructions, and a warranty card. The thing that strikes you first is the weight of the scales. They are heavy, which is reassuring for a nice accurate weight result. They have a very clean, simple minimilist look to them which I love, and the white compliments my bathroom furniture perfectly, whilst the tempered glass on top make them very easy to keep clean. The scales themselves come on automatically when you step on them, and go off a short while after stepping off of them. The display is nice and clear, and lights up and you can use your prefered method of weight in kgs/stones/lbs and give results on BMI and Bodyfat mass too . The app is easily installed, and bluetooth connects quickly, so you are good to go straight out of the box. I have tested the accuracy of these scales twice with 2 week weigh ins in boots, on their own scales and both of the weekly readings matched so assuming the boots scales are accurate then these weight absolutely perfectly - the most important part of them! The app is nice, clean and simple to use so alongside my smartwatch app I can literally track the whole of my weightloss journey. These are absolutely brilliant for the price, look great and work perfectly and accurately. They make that dreaded weigh in, much more interesting and by tracking the results on your phone they give you that extra boost to plow on and achieve your goals.

  • By G**May 17, 2017 10:13:19

    These are a remarkable set of scales. So much better than what I thought I'd be getting, certainly with regards to the external finish anyway which apart from looking and feeling good appears to be suitably durable. The rounded corners are a great idea and you can adjust the readout from Kg to lbs or even stones (thank God because that's what I think in and is one of the reasons I bought these). The "app" feature and integration into the recommended health program is really going to appeal to some folk but it's not for me. To get that technology for this kind of money is really going to appeal to a lot of people though, especially (I would suppose) those ladies who have small babies who haven't got to the walking stage yet. Another thing I really like about them is that you have no switching on/off to do. Just stand on them and you get a crystal clear, white readout which is going to be easy to see in any light. Money well spent.

  • By S**********May 16, 2017 14:52:35

     Sometimes less is more and these scales are a fantastic example of this. The scales are lovely, simple, streamlined and minimalist in appearance which is just what my brain needs first thing in the morning when I step on the scales. They come with four batteries already installed so all you need to do is pull the plastic tag which engages the batteries. Having batteries makes a change and so the scales are ready to go out of the box. They are beautifully simple – step on them and they turn on, weigh you (or whatever you have put on them) and display the weight clearly. Step off and a few seconds later they turn themselves off. You can choose between metric and imperial using the button hidden inside the battery compartment. They can take up to 200 kg (in 200 g increments) which I seriously hope I never reach. I checked the scales against my existing bathroom scales and they were both spot on. The sleek and ultra-clear surface looks great and with a tempered glass cover it looks like it is built to last. This is a simple case of a pure classic design but behind the scenes they are clever as they link directly to an App which can provide accurate weight, BMI, body fat, baby weight monitoring and lean mass to name just a few of its many features and measurements. All data is held on the App and so you can have up to 16 users all with their own data. To top it all off the App can monitor and display historical data and assist with goals. The scales have inbuilt Bluetooth for communication and data transfer with the App. These really are 21st Century scales. I like them a lot and considering the design of the scales and the addition of some serious computing and data power behind the scenes, I have no hesitation in giving them five-stars.

  • By M***************May 15, 2017 19:42:29

    I wanted a pair of scales that would provide me a way of tracking my (and my family's) weight over a prolonged period of time. Somehow trying to manually maintain a record by writing it down has never stuck and having the opportunity to automatically register the reading to the app is an absolute godsend. The scales also provide readings on other key indicators such as BMI and Fat Mass which are good for determining your levels of weight and fat against what they should be. The scales are very stylish and were a real complement to our bathroom. Setting up the scales with the app was very straight forward and the ability for the scales to recognise all the different family members works faultlessly. I am very impressed. I am very confident that these scales will go a long way towards maintaining an effective weight-loss program over a period of time and the fact that they are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper (something their build quality and design doesn't suggest) than other branded smart scales is a great thing. If you are after a set of scales that can automatically read and store different people's weight and body indicators then you should seriously check these out.

  • By D************May 14, 2017 02:56:46

    I got this scale recently just to keep track of my goals. I use apps such as Google fit and Samsung Health, so I have some experience working with smart health apps. After receiving the scale, I immediately opened the application to pair it (for those of you who don't know what app, it's the Koogeek app on Google Play, or you can open your camera and aim it at the QR code on the bottom of the scale to open the download page) I'll be honest, I didn't read the instructions. So I was fumbling around, looking for how to connect this scale using WiFi. Little did I know, the scale already connected to my phone via Bluetooth. So when I did weight myself, it already registered in my phone. Woah! The scale looks so nice. I thought that there was no display. And that all the weight measurements would pop on my phone. Man was I wrong. There's LEDs built inside the top that only light up when you step on it. The measurements are measured in lbs, Kg, or St. In order to switch which type you want, you have to open the battery compartment and click the reset button. It'll switch preference there. The application is easy to use and very nifty. I don't have trouble reading any of the information that it transfer to my phone. The scale is built sturdy and looks so much better than any scale I've ever owned in my life. For 30 dollars, this is superior to any scale. Keep a healthy way of living and make sure you keep fit. I am on a journey to lose weight and it's a great feature having all my information ready on my phone.

  • By G****************May 11, 2017 21:59:06

    Great body scale! I purchased a body scale about 2yrs ago but end up breaking it since it was made of glass. I had to buy another one and decided to try this one since it is all high tech. I just loved it! you can download an app on your phone, which does the same as the samsung health app does (if anyone knows what I am talking about), but this one is good because every time you weight yourself it automatically transfers to the app, fast and accurate. It's not like other apps that u have to do some leg work, this one you weight yourself and it's there. It also connects the bluetooth pretty fast. The quality of the scale is also great. I like the fact that is glass on top but a hard rubber around, which helps to protect, this way it won't break like my other one. The scale also measures your BMI, body fat, body water, bone mass, basal metabolism and muscle. Highly recommend it! I must also add that the packaging was also good, they did a great job in protecting.

  • By F*********May 8, 2017 23:09:07

    This looks like an alien product.. So cool.. High tech gadget.. So cool it has got all the smart features such as bluetooth to get connected to the smartphone.. Track your readings on to the app and achieve the target needed.. This gadget is so eye grabbing and it is so awesome.. The other feature which is good is that you do not need to tap on it to wake it up.. just step on it and can read the weight.. display is cool too.. We are in love with this product and strongly recommend this gadget.. probably this is the best scale under 30$..

  • By T***********May 7, 2017 20:53:04

    I should read product instructions. Really great (after I read the instructions)! I kept trying to connect to the scale using bluetooth settings on my phone. Instead, it needs the Koogeek app. The app will connect to the scale automatically without needing to pair. The app is very well designed, and integrates with iOS HealthKit, which tracks all the fancy stats. Wish the scale also tracked body fat, but it doesn't. That's my only minor complaint. But, the design of the scale and the design of the app are really spot on for me. Highly recommended! Enjoy!

  • By S**May 5, 2017 20:59:01

    I had previously purchased the top reviewed scale here on amazon (had nutrition in the name I think?) and this one has officially replaced it. It just looks so much nicer, quicker to display the weight, pairs with the app immediately, and still costs the same. While the app isn't the greatest, just the fact that it syncs with it immediately is all I really wanted it for. Now I have a trendline and record of my weight each morning without having to had entered anything. It takes up little space and it usually gets my weight right the very first time unlike my other scale which needed a lot of re-calibration. All in all, a good buy! Note that the 'body composition' part is only BMI and not fat %, bone density, etc. To me it's sort of useless, but all I really cared about was the weight and it seems very accurate.

  • By B*********April 28, 2017 18:24:55

    This scale is smooth and not too heavy so it is easy to carry about, it is also easy to use as its more or less plug and play after inserting the batteries together the display would turn on as soon as there is power. It can check weight in kg lbs different metrics and this is all in the instructions manual which provides a good guide to let you know how it works. It is a very nice and smooth clear glass finish making it look modern and it is a digital scale so all the display is digital and it works really fast when you step on it and the display is ready to output the correct information to you on the LCD display instantly after stepping on to the scale. Powerful Koogeek App allows to measuer and sync your weight into your phone through bluetooth technology 5'' large LCD display & Accurate data, Made of 4 high-precision sensors ensure high accuracy weight measurement result Package includes: 1 * Koogeek Smart Body Scale 4 * AAA batteries 1 * Instruction Manual Overall would recommend this product and it would be better to improve on having recharging lithium batteries so this could be recharged instead of inserting new batteries when the power is out.

  • By M******April 20, 2017 23:37:07

    The digital Smart Body Scale Bluetooth ! Amazing ! This Scale is very amazing ! it has a lot of function and it has the bluetooth that i can connect my iPhone to the scale and have all information in my hand ! is very accurate and precise and the app is well done !!

SG1 Scale
  • Highly Accurate

    Adopt 4 high-precision sensors

  • Free App

    Available on iOS and Android

  • Manage Multi Users Data

    Up to 16 users recognition

  • Data Sync 

    Synced and uploaded data automatically 

High-Precision Sensors
Adopt 4 high-precision sensors ensure high accuracy weight measurement result.
Smart Wireless Data Sync Technology
After pairing your scale with the free Koogeek app (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth, measured data will be synced and uploaded to your Koogeek account automatically and wirelessly.
Set Goals and View Progress
Bind an account to the Scale with the Koogeek app through easy setup. You can set target weight and view weight trends easily on your iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or later devices.
Revolutionary Design
Adopt 4 premium feet to protect the bottom of scale from scratches. Designed with a high-quality tempered glass platform, which is incredibly sturdy and durable.
Weigh Your Baby
Weigh yourself first, then hold your baby to weigh when your weight data get steady. Your baby's weight will be automatically calculated and synced to the Koogeek app
Size and Weight
  • Length: 315mm
  • Width: 315mm
  • Thickness: 29mm
  • Weight: Approx. 1780g
Package contents

Koogeek Smart Body Scale / 4 * AAA batteries / Instruction Manual