BP2 Blood Pressure Monitor
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Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

High-end, Stylish and Simple Appearance

One-Click Measurement

High Precision Blood Pressure Monitoring

Dual Wireless Transmission

Compatible with both iOS and Android System

Support wireless data sync with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Detailed Results Will Be Displayed in the App


Users' Data Storage

Automatic Wireless Sync with Koogeek App

Export Your Data Easily

Send the measurement results to the doctor by email.

Large LCD Screen Display

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Multiple Measurement Mode

Configure the monitor to take up to five consecutive readings in a row.It takes all readings and provides the average of all the five readings.

This product is FDA-approved. Clinical tests proved that its accuracy meets US and European standards. You can get accurate measurements with comfort at home.

  • By v*********February 13, 2018 00:19:19

    CONFIDENTIALITY In the white cardboard box there are: • Pressure gauge • MicroUSB cable to recharge it • Instructions • Quality certificate • Warranty MEASURES, CHARACTERISTICS, DESIGN The design is similar to a power bank and measures: • Weight: 300gr. about • Height 13.5cm • Width: 6cm • 1.7cm It is built with a shiny metal material. In the front part there is a 2.2 ""blue color LCD display where you will see: • Systolic pressure • Diastolic pressure • Heart rate expressed in bpm (beats per minute) The operation is simple, just fix it on the arm with the strap following the figure in the same for a correct measurement. Once started the measurement will squeeze and transmit the results on the koogeek application as well as on the LCD display. At the top of the ignition and selection button there is a status LED and a reset button. It can measure the pressure in a range of 55 - 260mmHg for systolic pressure and 25 - 200mmHg for that diastolic. It also measures heart rate in a range ranging from 40 to 199 bpm. 📱COMUNICATION WITH APP📱 Very simple, after downloading the Koogeek application from the store you will need to activate Bluetooth and once you open the app you will need to start the pressure gauge by pressing the power button once and press the + icon at the top right in the "" Application, select the meter and choose the second option, in a few seconds will be connected and entering the specific section of the software will be able to start the measurement, the results will be automatically saved. If you want to connect the meter via Wi-Fi (there is a 2.4 GHz b / g / n Wi-Fi chip) you will need to start the meter off by holding down the power button for 5 seconds until The display will show a gear icon (typical of the settings) select the first option when configuring the app, enter the network data and the game is done. You can also make up to 5 consecutive measurements from the app for a higher average precision. 🏁CONCLUSIONI🏁 A highly accurate pressure gauge (we talk about error margins of ± 3 mmHg for blood pressure and 5% for heart rate) with good materials, a good app for synchronizing data that also interfaces with other Koogeek products and an Average price lower than other meters."

  • By L***************February 12, 2018 03:22:59

    Great product. My mother suffers from high blood pressure and this is a good tool to have in the home that she can use when she is by herself. It is very easy to use and read and that's what makes it great as well.

  • By J*************February 4, 2018 18:25:11


  • By C******February 1, 2018 20:28:37

    I appreciate this score because it has completely met my expectations. It's practical, easy-to-use, fast, accurate, silent and of the right size to store it after use and after dozens of uses, not by the slightest sign of collapse. Rechargeable batteries have a very long service life and do not feel the need to buy a USB adapter. I recommend it to those who, like me, need frequent pressure monitoring, even though I think it's convenient to anyone. Faced with an Omron M6 I noticed it provides pressure values ​​online. FDA certificate (this is a guarantee) you should always be careful to place it correctly. What makes it work properly? The display shows the diastolic pressure values ​​(minimum between 25-200mmHg), systolic (max. 55-260mmHg) and heart rate per beats per minute. How to use: Download the app from the Play Store Turn on the pressure gauge Associate the device (by pressing "+") on the smartphone Click on "start measuring" Wait for the bulge of the bracelet Read the result They can make mistakes, but I did not. The codes, in the case, are more or less the following: E1: "The inflation rate is too slow or the circuit swells too fast" E2: "Arterial pressure above 300 mmHg or measuring time over 180s" E3: "Cannot detect the beep signal during measurement or the result is incorrect". I suggest doing at least 3 measurements, the first one after sitting for at least 5 minutes, and then averaging the values. This is what my doctor does, at least. Overall a lot recommended.

  • By N***************January 30, 2018 00:38:22

    My dad needs a constant pressure measurement at the doctor's order. So I had to buy a pressure measuring device, after several searches on the internet and in my pharmacies in my town, my choice has fallen on this model, the price is in line with many other models but it has the Bluetooth connection and Wifi to download Data on the dedicated app, a convenient way to keep track of all the measurements and thus have a useful history. You can set up to 16 different users, practically the entire family can take advantage of it and have its own profile, the measurement is classic, it envelops the device around your arm, you click start and lets you do your work, The result displayed on the LCD screen, large enough and with good resolution. The band is suitable for all arms, being adjustable. The appliance complies with European and American standards, has been tested and is endowed with the FDA mark. The measurements are accurate and reliable, it is fast, convenient, and the mode of data transmission to the application is really convenient. No more paper and pen to mark the measurements.

  • By v*****January 29, 2018 02:16:44

    The blood pressure monitor does what you expect from it: measuring your blood pressure. While it comes with an app you can also use it without it. I think the benefits of the app is to store it in your iPhone health app as well as configuring wifi so it can be uploaded. I didn't see any use in it an never configured wifi. I actually don't use the app anymore. I tried it, didn't see a benefit and use it now without it. I found the devices a bit bigger as I expected since I knew only wrist band blood pressure devices but nothing wrong with that. It's actually kinda stylish and reminds me about an iPod. And it is not cheap plastic, its real metal. And best of all of it: I don't need batteries anymore and can charge it by USB. I can't stand having 5 different wall chargers or having the requirement to change the batteries once in a while. Charging by USB is so convenient and this device wins here BIG!

  • By k*****January 25, 2018 21:19:39

    I really like this blood pressure cuff, it is so different from the ones I normally use, you don't need any batteries for this one you can charge it up with a usb cord. The display screen lights up and you can read it very clearly and see it. There is one button on the top of the monitor where you turn it on at. There is also an app you can download to sync your results too. It works with android and apple devices. And this is Bluetooth so you will have to turn your Bluetooth on to sync the device to the app. The cuff is wide enough to fit on your arm and it is soft. I had no problems using this cuff. it comes with instructions too.

  • By K**************January 24, 2018 18:33:42

    Wow, this thing is heavy duty! VERY nicely made with solid components. Very easy to download the app on my phone and connect via Bluetooth. Super easy to use - just strap it on (easy to do with one hand), turn it on and press START. Easy to take off as well. Even the packaging it comes in is top quality. Nicely made unit. Very accurate as well. Checked it against two other auto cuffs, and the results were incredibly similar.

  • By M*********January 23, 2018 22:34:02

    Not sure of it's accuracy on a daily basis, some days can have a 15 point difference

  • By Y****************January 23, 2018 03:31:28

    It comes in quite short time thanks to the Prime service. This pressure gauge is a really good product, it can work standalone thanks to the beautiful blue and white LCD display, Or even more useful and practical by downloading the manufacturer's application and turning on this meter you can read real-time measurements: diastolic, systolic, heartbeat. With this app you can also keep track of all the measurements made and see any changes. The meter should be placed on the arm just above its elbow, as indicated on the band. The measurement is very accurate and the materials used are great. In the box we also find the usb charging cable and the instruction manual with also the warranty. Ultimately a truly fantastic product that should not be missed by those who like me live with the phone always in hand and want to always have the latest technology also in terms of health, which is very important.

  • By J***********January 21, 2018 18:03:48

    Well worth it, simple and easy to use, just wished it came with a case.

  • By T***********January 21, 2018 00:03:49

     My spouse has a history of high blood pressure in the family so we need to keep an eye on those numbers. As big Apple fans who love our iPhones and have other devices that feed health information to our Health app, this little device was a welcome addition. We have an older blood pressure monitor and the thing is big, loud and eats batteries like you wouldn't believe. This is a fantastic upgrade from that. We are able to link it to our iPhone using the Koogeek Health app and it also loads the information into our iPhone Health app so the results can be seen along with all the other data we are collecting. The size of the cuff is a medium (22 - 36 cm or 8.7" - 14.1"). Simply wrap the cuff around your upper arm 2 to 3 cm above the bend of your elbow. Power on the unit. You can either press the power button again for it to run a cycle and tell you your blood pressure and pulse results on screen or you can fire up the app on your phone and hit start on your phone and the cycle will start. If you do it manually from the device, the next time you start the app and have the cuff powered on, it will send the results to your Koogeek Health app. It will flag it under a section called "Unknown measurement." You can now select each and tell it which user those results were for and it will add it to your data. If you start it using the app then the results will go directly into the user you're set to when you kicked it off. The unit charges with a common micro-usb cable, which is fantastic! The battery life looks to be very good and I'm so happy we won't be feeding batteries into our older monitor anymore. I'm very impressed by the slim design and the easy to use wrap. The short side of the wrap is stiffer and has a perfect cup shape to it so you can easily put on your arm with your other hand and velcro the wrap into place. Very easy to do alone with one hand. As for the app that uses this cuff, it has a lot of great features including counting your steps as well as a reminders section. I set a reminder to tell me to take my blood pressure at the same time on the same day once a week.It also allows you to get data from other health products they sell. I'm thinking about the smart scale next, which is supposed to measure weight, body fat, BMI, Lean mass, body water, BMR, Bone mass and Visceral fat. While I have trouble believing it can give me accurate results in all those measurements, I think having that easily load info into my phone along with the data from this blood pressure monitor, along with my steps, movement, activity level, etc... from my Apple Watch, I will have a good amount of data on my Health app to monitor how I'm doing and to share with my doctor. If you're concerned about your blood pressure, I definitely recommend this one. It's a great device at what I think is a VERY fair price even if you just use it as a stand alone to see your numbers on screen and not load into your phone. Just the slim size, ease of use and micro-usb charging, it's so worth it.

  • By w********January 19, 2018 18:33:55

    PERSONAL CONSIDERATIONS ON THE PRODUCT - Start with the main thing, the accuracy of measurements, not verified for comparison with other similar products (always clinically validated) but above all with hand-made measurement by a professional nurse. Well, this device, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is fully satisfied with accuracy and ease of use. Very important is the right positioning, with the display facing down and about 2 cm from the forearm fold. The dimensions are quite small that makes it comfortable to carry with it and the semi-rigid bracelet made of hypoallergenic material is of average size for arm circumference of about 22 to about 36cm. You can use it stand alone or in conjunction with the Koogeek app (Android or iOS) to download with a QR Code in the box, the app lets you track the measurement history, program multiple consecutive measurements (up to 5) with Automated media calculation and managing multiple users. It does not need batteries because it has an internal (useful for about 40 measurements) rechargeable via a normal USB cable <---> MicroUSB, during which a yellow LED will continue to blink quickly and then remain in a fixed charging position complete. Coupling with my android smartphone is lightning, in this regard always start the application from the smartphone and then turn on the pressure gauge as it goes off automatically after 15 seconds if not used. Last but not least the good visibility of the backlit LCD display in any light condition and especially in the dark. The only thing I can do about it is that I would have preferred a removable battery, especially because if the USB MicroUSB cable is plugged into the current, the meter does not run. - PROS AND CONS - -PRO- ✅ precise measurements (clinically approved by the FDA) ✅ excellent overall construction quality ✅ Built-in rechargeable battery (not removable) ✅ Fast, easy and practical in use ✅ Historical, multiuser, and automatic multiple-user management through the app -AGAINST- ❌ It does not work if it is in charge Hoping to have been helpful in choosing your purchase!

  • By C****January 19, 2018 00:07:40

    This product is very sleek and portable! It's easy to use and easy to read. It's comfortable and takes BP fairly quickly. I love the iPhone app and how it syncs my recordings and keeps record of them so I don't have to! Even the setup was a breeze. I checked with my other BP machine and it's very accurate. I recommend the purchase

  • By J***********January 17, 2018 20:10:42

    I tried out this blood pressure monitor to have results that are a little more accurate than the results on my Galaxy S5 and Fitbit. The device is pretty easy to use with a tight-as-possible arm grip and using the app to connect to log my pressure tests, I feel like it’s more accurate than a finger sensor or a wrist sensor as it, like any other blood pressure monitor, uses the pressure in your arm and blood flow (basically) to measure the beats. Overall, it’s a great, easy and convenient way to measure blood pressure accurately, however, even with how well it’s worked for me, a professional would probably refer to you their own blood pressure monitor for more accurate results. It’s a great product but keep in mind to keep note from a professional with professional equipment.

  • By L******January 17, 2018 02:08:43

    Our Koogeek Blood Pressure Monitor arrived a few days ago so several members of our family have been using it multiple times now. This pressure monitor that also takes your pulse which is a bonus in our household. The directions are easy but if you don't want to read through the instructions just give the cuff a full charge, wrap around your upper arm just above your elbow, long press the large round button once to turn on and then press regularly a second time. This is all you need to do. The Koogeek Monitor is very accurate as we tested this with family in the medical field using their equipment. You can download the Koogeek Health App online and your new Koogeek pressure monitor through bluetooth will keep track of your readings which is very helpful. The App offers many avenues to help you stay healthy, tracking several aspects of your health and wellness. The Koogeek Blood Pressure Monitor does not appear to have a problem with any wild reading fluctuations which we have experienced in the past with lesser quality pressure monitors. I would feel very comfortable taking one reading and moving on with my day with this monitor.

  • By C*****************January 16, 2018 01:21:44

    Being a pharmacist in my profession, let me have a little bit of a review. I wanted to buy this product to test the effectiveness of "consumer" products compared to the professional or semiprofessional products that are in the pharmacy. In addition, being hyperthyroidically, I normally feel pressure every day by taking a diary of measurements. Similar products, with electronic log and data transfer, cost about 140 euros, considering a pair of balsonate brands I cannot cite. Then compared this product with 2 others and these are my ratings. - Effective pressure measurement: Accurate. 3 measurements below on the same arm at a short distance are NOT recommended, at most you can do one by one and mediate. But a gauge must measure the right pressure at the moment. And the comparison of 3 devices did not show any obvious differences that one of them did NOT work. - Comfortable to wear: Great, if you have arms in the measures provided. Conversely, if you have very thin arms you will have difficulty using a semi-rigid bracelet like this, better than the fully soft straps. For those with even bigger arms, it’s okay, only eye that does not stretch too much just wearing it. - Data transfer and logging: Convenient. It turned out that you have to leave the app in the foreground, but the measurement lasts for 30 seconds, and you cannot do much else unless you stand to measure it. So what's the problem? The data is stored correctly, and it will be really simple so go and retrieve them to show them to your doctor. In fact, the app's translation sometimes leaves to be desired, but I'm confident in future updates. In conclusion, as a pharmacist, I can safely recommend this product to people who need to measure the pressure daily and keep a precise diary, because this tool will definitely be useful

  • By b*****January 14, 2018 21:44:27

    THE COUNCIL? Yes! An arm pressure monitor (not wrist). Very fast and fairly accurate. It will not have the accuracy of the doctors or pharmacies but it costs a nonsense in comparison. Headset coupled with huawei p9 lite 9/10 > PRO - All the added price for a well-made pressure gauge, without considering the advanced features! - Soft materials that do not stink - It works with a rechargeable lithium battery, great! No more batteries around, just recharge it with the included microusb cable - Fast and easy to read, both in light and dark rooms. Reliable measurements compared to old pump pressure gauges - Pairing Bluetooth very fast with the Koongek app. It allows you to monitor the performance of measured values ​​with a nice graph, even for different users. Just make a slide in the app before measuring and it connects to the pressure gauge to detect the maximum, minimum, and beat values. > AGAIN - Nobody for now. To evaluate the consistency of measurements in a few weeks / months, and whether the battery has adequate autonomy.

  • By J*January 14, 2018 18:20:01

     I was interested in this product because my boyfriend has high blood pressure/hyper tension, and we wanted a quick and convenient way to monitor it. This product blew me away, I'm so impressed. It's technology savvy but also super easy to set up and use. I LOVE that it syncs and records data in the app. You can also create separate profiles to keep track of health data for different household members. When the cuff inflates, it's pretty quiet. We also let our 7-year old try it out as well. He didn't complain of any pain from the cuff over-inflating, as they sometimes do when you have your blood pressure checked at a doctor's office. I have included a short video clip of the cuff in use, as well as a few screenshots from the app. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a convenient way to monitor their blood pressure!

  • By U********January 13, 2018 23:22:36

    This is the best blood pressure monitor I have used for accuracy, convenience, ease of use, ability to read and track results, as well as to store. The monitor is substantively superior to finger, wrist and even a host of other arm-pressure cuffs I have used in the past. I found it to be elegantly easy to position the wrap and with just a light press of a button, it pumps quickly and tautly. The display is bright, legible and stays lit long enough for me to register the result. Lastly, the phone app makes it a very simple process to keep track of readings. Takes all the frustration out of blood pressure monitoring. Which means, I'm much more liable to do it!

BP2 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Dual Connectivity

    WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0

  • Manage Multi Users Data

    Up to 16 Users Data Storage

  • FDA Approved

    Ensures Superior Accuracy and Reliability

  • Free App

    Available on iOS and Android

FDA Approved
Ensures superior accuracy and reliability. The monitor can take up to five consecutive readings in a row, and provide the average of all the five readings automatically.
Upload Measurements via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Adopt the CC2541 Bluetooth chip from Texas Instruments Inc., which ensures stable connectivity and maximum data security.
Support Data Storage of up to 16 Users
The Koogeek app could store data for up to 16 different users, all measurement data will be saved in Koogeek cloud, you could export your measurement data and send to your personal doctor. And it is compatible with Apple Health app.
Easy to Use
Start the measurement with one click. You could also update the firmware wirelessly with one click. All measurements will automatically sync to the app on your phone.
High-quality Cuff
Adopt high-quality PU leather finish and wear-resistant fabric, the cuff has passed the human biocompatibility test. Skin-friendly and durable. The cuff inflates automatically and provides comfortable experience with gentle pressure when measuring. Fit upper arms 8.7" to 14.2".
Long Battery Life
With the built-in rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery, it can be recharged via the Micro-USB port. Support at least 50 times of continuous usage on one charge.
Large LCD Screen Display
It is designed with a large font so as to provide convenient reading experience for all users. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate are displayed in a large, elegant and easy-to-read font.
For iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later devices
Battery Type
Lithium battery
Battery Capacity
Size and Weight
  • Length (Fold): 150mm
  • Width (Fold): 75mm
  • Thickness (Fold): 85mm
  • Weight: Approx. 300g
  • Cuff Size: Approx. 220-360mm
Package contents

Koogeek Blood Pressure Monitor / Micro-USB Cable / Instruction Manual