BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor
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Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Intelligent compression

Large LCD screen display

Intelligent Compression Technology

Adopt advanced technology to automatically inflate and deflate at the appropriate level, delivering a personalized, accurate and comfortable measurement.

Memory Function

This product can store up to 99 sets of measurement data, providing convenience for you to track the blood pressure cycle. All measurement data can be uploaded via Bluetooth to Koogeek app which works with both iOS devices and Android devices.



sets of data

Large LCD Screen Display

It is designed with large font so as to provide convenient reading experience for all users.

Alarm Clock

Users can set the alarm clock to remind themselves to measure blood pressure or take medicine on time.

  • By A***********February 15, 2018 19:08:38

    Accurate and EASY!....and a very good price! What more do you need?

  • By L*******February 15, 2018 01:50:43

    Bought it again, this one is for my parents. Working great with accurate results for me. A helpful tool for anyone measuring BP.

  • By G************February 14, 2018 01:26:31

    Very easy to use, and accurate (gets similar readings to my doctor), the app is not as robust as I would like it - you can't enter weight if you don't have a koogeek scale - but it tracks the data collected by the BP device for more than one user.

  • By r****February 12, 2018 19:44:40

    Easy to use but gives me a much lower reading than my arm cuff most of the time, but not always. Not sure which is closer to correct. Need to take somewhere and find out which is closer to correct. However, the cuff is easier to use and it is reproducible. Just not sure numbers are right. Seem too low, though reviews said they are usually higher. Time will tell.

  • By J***February 11, 2018 22:51:57

    I have received the blood pressure monitor before the expected date. It really surprised me. For me, it is really easy to read the data. You are supposed to position it so that the leading edge of the monitor sits about one finger width away from your thumb joint so the sensor sits right over the blood vessels on the underside of your wrist. When it is ready it displays your blood pressure on the large LCD screen. It is similar to the more expensive blood pressure monitors you often see in health center and hospitals. The display shows date, time, heart rate and blood pressure flow and return (measured as standard in mmHg). If you wish you can store readings so as to monitor performance over time. The unit can record up to 99 readings. You can also connect to Koogeek app if you wish. This allows you to store readings and access them from your phones.

  • By B**********February 10, 2018 19:14:54


  • By R**********February 9, 2018 23:45:36

    Happy with Item.

  • By i*********February 9, 2018 22:17:26

    Came fast, love the idea, registers correct, connected quick 1st time but can't get it to connect to phone now... Will be 5 stars if it would connect every time!

  • By V***February 9, 2018 03:08:11

    Review of Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection and Memory Function LCD Display Automatic Home Use for iPhone and Android My doctor has a wrist blood pressure monitor and she said that the wrist monitors are accurate. I decided to try one because my arms are heavy and I have problems getting accurate readings in my upper arm. One thing my doctor told me to do to get an accurate reading was to put the monitor on my left wrist and then put my left arm across my chest even with my heart. That’s how we have been taking our blood pressures. So far I am very pleased with this monitor. My husband and I both take our blood pressures daily. I like the app because it stores the data (at least the last 99 readings) so I can see any variances. You do have to have the app open before you take your blood pressure. I do like that the readings are announced so we can both hear them. The speaker can be turned down or off if you don’t like it. Another thing I like about this monitor is that it is compact and we can take it with us when we travel. It came with the battery and the display is large and easy to read. I’m happy with the monitor. My readings have been steady and the numbers are very close to what they are in the doctor’s office, so I believe it is accurate.

  • By m*********February 8, 2018 02:06:43

    LOVE his cuff. It send all the info right to my iPhone th n uploads it to my doctor's office. (iPhone not the cuff). Very precise as well. I've used another cuff a few minutes after this one and the information is the same. Excellent! I need to look into the scale next. Amazing technology. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

  • By B****February 6, 2018 23:11:52

    Works Great paired with my iPhone without any problems

  • By D*********February 5, 2018 20:03:48


  • By J***********February 4, 2018 23:10:43

    Well worth it, simple and easy to use, just wished it came with a case.

  • By P***********February 4, 2018 18:04:11

    An innovative method for measuring the pressure, somewhat wiser than the others, in fact, to use this meter you will first need to download the app on the package leaflet, then after following a few simple steps, you will be able to leave the phone via the phone Measuring and tracking the historian of all the measurements made over the days, so you can easily monitor the pressure, useful to doctors, for example, to find out if there is any kind of problem. The app is free, simple and intuitive, and it's also possible to connect the other Koogeek products for the highest efficiency with the same application. Nothing else to add, using it is very easy for those who have a bit of familiarity with smartphones.

  • By r*****February 3, 2018 18:21:27

    This is great and works very well. Easy to use and sync with phone app. The color chart is an easy way to know if I'm in the low or high zones. Super fast to get a reading when i need one. Comfortable too.

  • By s*****February 2, 2018 19:59:42

    Works as stated.

  • By S***************February 1, 2018 18:17:36

    I absolutely love it!! It's so nice and does things I didn't even know it did when I ordered it. Definitely best wrist cuff I've purchased by far! Thanks!

  • By g****January 31, 2018 20:32:42

    I like it. Great product

  • By C****************************January 31, 2018 00:50:14


  • By T************January 30, 2018 01:20:59

    I'm LOVING this blood pressure monitor!!! I've been noticing some changes in my blood pressure after doing my PT exercises, so I decided it was time for a blood pressure monitor. My favorite feature is the app. It's awesome that it tracks your blood pressure and heart rate. It also tracks your steps in the same app. The blood pressure monitor is very easy to use and accurate. A great investment for sure!! Note: I am making this review on my own accord with my honest opinions. I take my responsibility seriously and all opinions I have stated are unadulterated and are truly mine. I am in no way obligated, nor am I encouraged to leave good reviews. I give credit where credit is due and my recommendations are based on the full price of the item. I will also take the time to come back and update my reviews should I realize that something was not up to par on any product. If you have any questions feel free to ask! If my review is helpful to you, please indicate that by clicking the "yes" button below. Thank you! :)

BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Intelligent Technology

     Accurate and comfortable to measure

  • Memory Function

    Memory Storage for 99 Sets of Data

  • Track Blood Pressure

    Track data via Koogeek app

  • Free App

    Available on iOS and Android

Intelligent Compression Technology
Adopt advanced technology to automatically inflate and deflate at the appropriate level, delivering a personalized, accurate and comfortable measurement.
Track Your Blood Pressure
All measurement data can be tracked to Koogeek app via Bluetooth. It allows up to 16 users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory and works with both Apple and Android devices.
Large LCD Screen Display
Designed with large font and voice prompt to display measurement results, providing convenience for all users.
Alarm Clock & App Remind
Users can set the alarm clock on the App of your phone or the monitor to remind themselves to measure blood pressure or take medicine on time.
Irregular Heart Rate Detection
Detect your heart rate while your blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heart rate is detected, an indicator icon will appear to alert you.
Advanced Averaging
Advanced Averaging feature automatically displays the average of up to the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes.
How to measure
In order for the wrist monitor to measure accurately, please place the wrist blood pressure monitor in inside of wrist of your left hand, and the device needs to be level with your heart.
Wireless Version
Size and Weight
  • Length: 80mm
  • Width: 85mm
  • Thickness: 60mm
  • Weight: Approx. 132g
Package contents

Koogeek Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor / 2 * AAA batteries / Instruction Manual