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Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb

Works with Apple HomeKit

With Apple HomeKit technology, you can control connected light bulbs and scenes with Siri voice commands directly.

Works with Apple HomeKit

Simple Setup & App Control

Replace your existing E26/E27 light bulb. With the Koogeek Home app, you can easily control and monitor any connected light bulbs or scenes on your iOS device over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Simple Setup & App Control Simple Setup & App Control Simple Setup & App Control

16 million colours

Up to 16 million colours are available in the Koogeek Home app.

16 million colours
Powerful Colour Changing

Powerful Colour Changing

You can match the light colour to your mood and personalize your home.

Powerful Colour Changing

Control Multiple Connected Light Bulbs

Create personalized scenes to control multiple connected light bulbs simultaneously with a single Siri voice command or just a tap.

Control Multiple Connected Light Bulbs
  • By R*********February 13, 2018 22:05:55

    Works perfectly. All the time

  • By E*********February 13, 2018 00:25:56

    I love this light, works perfect!!

  • By S**************February 12, 2018 02:27:28

    Love it

  • By M***February 10, 2018 20:08:39

    I bought these bulbs to replace some of my Hue bulbs, that were too far away for the bridge (and for some reason, the mesh network was not reaching them). These bulbs rely on WiFi and I have really good WiFi coverage in my house, so no problem to reach them. For what I am using them, they are great : HomeKit compatibility so I can create a schedule including them and other HomeKit products I have - different temperature/colors - dimmable (via the app). I did notice some things that may not fit everybody (again, I knew those things in advance, and for me that works perfectly) : - they are HUGE ! The bulbs are much longer than regular bulbs (keep that in mind. might be an issue depending what type of fixtures you want to use them with) - the light output is quite low (500 lm), so if you need something more powerful, you may want to look for another option (like LIFX, but more expensive)

  • By A****February 10, 2018 00:21:34

    This is the first WiFi smart bulb i have bought, it is 60 watt and dimable, i liked the idea of being able to remotely controlling the lights and the colours for mood lighting. The box arrives and contains just the bulb but i had already read that i needed to download the koogeek app so had no problems once i had done this. the bulb its self is fairly large and quite heavy but feels well-made and solid, it has a screw base but adapters are available to turn this into a bayonet fitting the information says it will last 25,000 hours which at three hours a day is 22.8 years!! not sure i am going to keep count on that Bedroom or living room this is brilliant as mood lighting, also good as security as the app and remote allow you to turn this on/off at random times so also good when away on holiday, i personally love the range of colours it can create and have been fascinated by that since it arrived.

  • By w******February 3, 2018 19:21:52

    I would give this 5 if it was brighter. Setting up was extremely easy and works flawlessly with sir/homekit. The colors looking really good. I just wish it was brighter or I would buy more.

  • By N***********February 3, 2018 00:47:35

    The LED lit up well and changes color nicely. I have no issue with the app at all. I just wish that the bulb worked with Alexa or Google because that would be awesome ! This is still very nice by itself and the app though.

  • By J*****February 1, 2018 19:29:45

    6 years ago I tried to buy the first ever smart bulb and returned it upon learning it needed a hub. This thing finally gives all the functionality ya could want without the need of any hub. You can use it from your phone, watch, iPad, Mac and it integrates great with home kit and Siri. I only have good things to say about it aside from it falling off the network once or twice a week but I blame that more on my crappy Comcast setup

  • By M***************January 31, 2018 19:19:14

    These bulbs are very good with HomeKit, which is the reason I purchased this product. I purchased two bulbs. One bulb setup perfectly and was ready to use within a couple of minutes. The next bulb was not seen through the Koogeek Home app when attempting to walk through the setup. After contacting the seller we were going to replace it. However, I saw Koogeek had posted their support email support@Koogeek.com on other reviews here, so I contacted them through email. They had me reset the bulb following these instructions: Use the power switch to switch the lights continuously 5 times (the last time you need to keep it turn on state). Wait 2 seconds, the color of the bulb will turn red, 5 seconds later when it turns to warm white indicating that the light bulb has been reset. After I reset the bulb, all worked and is working fine. Maybe those steps will help someone else. Mark

  • By F********January 31, 2018 02:47:43

    This wifi smart bulb is such a great idea, I'd never hear of anything like this until I discovered it by accident, we will use this regularly from now on, it makes our lounge so cosy at night and you can totally control it from your phone! It works with Apple Homekit and so you ca control the lights with siri which is extremely practical as you do not need to buy a voice assistant to use it and instead you can just use your phone. I also love the fact that you set a timer for this whilst you're away from home, we are going on holiday soon so I will set it to come on at a certain time and to go off again later in the evening so helps to secure your home when you're not there! - The remote control is just a simple app download, it's very easy to connect and register to your Wi-Fi and you're good to go! - I was up and running in minutes! They offer 16 million colors to choose from and every color is dimmable in the Koogeek Home app, you can match different colors to create special atmospheres for every moment and personalize your home. This can change the atmosphere in your room dramatically. You can set up your Apple TV or iPad with tvOS or iOS 10.1 or later as a home hub, you can remotely control your HomeKit accessories. Turn off lights for sleeping family members without making any sound or awaking them. Get lights turned on before getting home from work. Overall, I can definitely recommend this light to anyone in the search for a good smart bulb

  • By J****************January 29, 2018 19:42:38

     An excellent Smart Bulb that integrates with Home kit well and the Koogeek Home app works well for managing the bulb and multiple bulbs. Getting bulb back to white could be easier, took me a few to figure out you had to drain saturation to 0 to get white, should have just been a color dot to select. It also doesn't support 5ghz wi-fi networks so forces your phone or device to manage it to use the slower wi-fi network when you want to manage the bulb which is a minor inconvenience. Despite those minor things the bulb is fantastic, the colors are bright, the timer setting is great and you can even set it to different moods/themes like morning/night and adjust it how you want during those times. Bulb is fairly large, would be my only other minor issue and heavier than I anticipated though not too heavy for an upside down socket so don't worry there.

  • By I*********January 28, 2018 20:59:52

    This is very handy for me and my family especially when we are away. I always leave a few lights on to give the impression of having someone at home and this is perfect. The app allows for automatic turning on or off of the lights so if for whatever reason I forget to turn it on via the app, the times can be preset in several combinations and can be repeated as and when. The bulb came nicely boxed and the instructions are outside of the box. The instructions are to download the app which is available for both IOS and android but this bulb only works for IOS. This would be doubly impressive if it were available on the android version of the Koogeek Home app but hey ho, it works great on my iPhone and iPad so I'm happy with it. The bulb is a nice substantial weight and feels well made. It's a screw base but an adapter can easily be bought and fitted if needed. The app is comprehensive. It allows the bulb to be turned on and off, times set for on/off, colours can be chosen via the colour wheel or via scene which has different hue and temperature color settings. The bulb can also be dimmed via the app. All in all, this is a very handy and easy to use wifi bulb so I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • By a*****January 27, 2018 22:30:28

    It arrives very quickly and in the times provided by the Prime service. The well-cared box contains a well-protected inside, a pretty light bulb with a very modern design that incorporates an equally modern technology. In fact, it is a light bulb with a Wi-Fi control module that can be controlled by iPhone via a Koogeek app downloadable from Apple's store but also simply through the Apple app called "Home." Coupling with the phone takes place very quickly, just insert the code on it or on the instructions or inside the box. The bulb is not the classic white or warm led light, but it is a light bulb that can reproduce up to 16 million colors, and everything can be controlled by phone. By phone you can decide when to turn it on and off, to decide beyond the color also the intensity of the light. The materials used are very durable, this can be noticed by the bulky bulb in general, but the eye does not drop it equally. The price is a bit high, but it's really worth it, A must-have for those who own an iPhone and want to get closer to the world of domestics making their home more technological.

  • By K****January 27, 2018 01:25:11

    INFO: Hi, I will try to be short and not to waste too much time with my review, but if you really want to know what I think about this product and to figure out if it's your case then read it all at the CONCLUSIONS. KEY POINTS: Technology technology and technology after the great Domotica clamor, clamor that still continues today, the devices to make a little smarter, any part of ours, no longer counts. Designed primarily as a complement to furniture and not for true lighting the RGB LED bulbs now completely clog the market and Koogeek cannot be no less. DESCRIPTION: The overall appearance of the Koogeek Smart light bulb LB1 is good has a drop shape and a really important weight, about 400g. The diameter of the bulb that tells us the size of the ceiling lamp in which we can mount it is 60mm is for more than half the light bulb will be occupied by the part in the top there is the "bulb" from which will be emitted the light, a light of the environment And not for main lighting, we speak of an intensity of 500 limns for 8W of absorbed power, consisting mainly of plastic "PBT" summarizing its main features: ATTACK: E26 POWER: 8W LIGHT POWER: 500 lmn TEMPERATURE COLOR: 2700 ° K to 6000 ° K COLORS: 16 Ml USEFUL LIFE: 25000 h LIGHT CONO: 199.9 ° CERTIFICATION: CE, RoHS, Wi-Fi Everything is comfortably controllable via Wi Fi to our liking for iPhone application only, downloadable from the App Store "KoogeekHome" PACKAGING AND PACKAGING CONTENT: Really well-packed packaging from cardboard packaging and excellent internal padding that will hold during transport, secure and secure our light bulb. Essential but detailed instructions. WHAT I HAVE: Very complete software and the ability to associate it with Apple HomeKit WHAT I DO NOT HAVE: Not suitable for outdoor use no IP classification WHO IS SUITABLE? Suitable for everyone as long as you have a 2.4 GHz WI Fi connection USE: I use the instructions that are really detailed and will explain you in a few simple steps how to configure it and connect it to your Wi Fi network, for the rest you just need to "fret" the App view the great intuitive graphics, a little advice My is above all for the first part of the connection, sticking categorically to all the directions to get a pairing without having to repeat the procedure a thousand times. CONCLUSIONS: $ rice: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ 5/5 ⚒ Materials: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ 5/5 ✎ Design: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ 5/5 👨 Usability: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ 5/5 ⊚ A really interesting smart bulb that we could fully configure and pair with other devices, hundreds of possible configurations for relaxing or artistic effects in our home or studio workstation, standard price, and good materials considering it is fully assembled in PBT, My office colleagues already envy me ... do you! I hope I made you understand if this item is your case... If my opinions change over time, on this subject, I will change my review in the most appropriate way.

  • By B********January 26, 2018 19:00:21

    The packaging is good, elegant and the light bulb is securely wrapped in a layer of soft material. Inside the package there is: - The bulb wrapped in the soft material to which the tab is affixed with the identification code that will be used to connect it to the App (it is also present on the soft material and the instruction booklet The bulb is bulky and heavy, E26 attaches, connects to home Wi-Fi without problems (it gets well though far away). Screwing it under a chandelier (or where you want it), turn on the light, automatically turns on with a neutral white light, very loud to say, it is still a 60W LED light bulb. A few more details about the bulb before proceeding to describe the process for coupling it to the App: - is a 16 million color light bulb, from your app you can choose colors, choose from a color panel, choose brightness and choose to upload a photo (the App will automatically combine all colors and You will see the result on the bulb itself, nice but not very useful). - has attacked from E26, - 60W bulb - Consumption is not declared, App is monitored to check the state of consumption, but now I cannot make an estimate; Eye looks like a classic LED bulb (saving) with a slight increase in consumption, so all in all acceptable. Before you start, download the App from the Apple Store: Koogeek Home At first startup, the App will ask for a device to be paired (in the operating manual the process is indicated), the camera will be activated and you will have to look for (like QR codes) the bulb's ID ... very easy it's fast. Once the light bulb is hooked up, additional devices can be hooked up. Now you can use the bulb by changing colors and brightness, you can set a default power-on and shut-off time, check power consumption, set the location (useful if you have more associated devices). Basically an excellent product, I highly recommend it.

  • By D***********January 26, 2018 03:31:32

    This bulb is a bomb. I tried it in the bathroom by placing it on the ceiling for chromotherapy, changing the color according to the mood. It has a great effect and creates a beautiful environment. Easy to configure and manage with both the iOS Home app and the Koogeek Home app that is troval on the Apple Store. Just plug in the light bulb, start the app (both one and the other), find the device and change the color and intensity as you want. You can set different timers and other settings using the app. In my opinion the price and average of similar products. Easy and easy to follow the instructions with all the information you need to configure the bulb. I am very happy with this purchase.

  • By T***********January 25, 2018 20:37:44

     Easy to use LED bulb that's a snap to set up. The bulb is around 8.5 ounces in weight so definitely heavier than a regular bulb. Feels solid. It's taller than I expected so the top light emitting portion sticks up out of the lamp shade on the lamp I wanted to use it for so I'll need to get bigger lamp shade. I don't blame the bulb for this as the lamp I'm using in this spot is a tiny lamp. Use this bulb in a lamp that uses standard sized bulbs and you won't be able to tell the difference. The light it puts out is amazingly bright and the color options all over the spectrum. You can select the bulb in the Koogeek app and select from some quick color options or delve into the color wheel to select any shade you want as well as brightness and saturation. There's also a timer section so you can set different on/off times for different days. Perfect for making someone look at home when you're away on vacation. You can also control the bulb through Apple HomeKit so name the bulb and now you can even control it with Siri.

  • By d***********January 25, 2018 01:01:29

    What about ... WOW! We are in the perimeter of the smart home category. First: IPHONE ONLY. This light bulb can be controlled via the special application (unfortunately) only in the App Store. We hope in the future a product that supports both the most popular operating systems. It comes in a packed case, where we find bulb and multi-language instructions. The configuration is very simple, just connect to a 2.4 GHz wifi (the 5 GHz is still not supported), open the Koogeek Home app, add the device and be ready to play with the bulb. LED light bulb with 16milion colors. The E26 case the most common grip in US.100% makes TANTA light (500 lumens). The company declares 25,000 hours of life. I'm really happy with this product, a really great bill; including the application, well done, especially the interaction with Siri. For a few days I'm trying the time bundles, I set the same alarm clock, and at the selected time it turns on gradually. The only positive note goes off, that is, if you turn it off with the application, "remember" the settings, but turn it off with our light button, reset the color settings and light intensity. Pulling in the line, is a product that I would recommend to everyone, in my opinion a hi-tech gift that will surely be appreciated!

  • By V*******January 24, 2018 20:40:53

    Works perfectly, absolutely love it. Connected easily and has given 0 problems

  • By B**********January 24, 2018 18:24:57

    I was concerned about this bulb because it only works on a 2.4ghz wifi band. A number of reviewers said they experienced problems with the bulb consistently staying connected. My wifi router is the most current model of the Apple AirPort Extreme. It's a simultaneous dual band 2.4ghz/5.0ghz I was worried if my device was running on the 5.0ghz the bulb would not be found or would not respond. I've had no problems the bulb never loses its connection and always responds instantly. I made sure during setup I was far away from my router to ensure I was on the 2.4ghz connection. My assumption is it can not be set up using the 5.0ghz band. My only slight complaint would be the bulb is not as bright as I had expected.

LB1 Bulb
  • 16 Million Colors

    Up to 16 million colors to choose

  • Dimmable

    Every color is dimmable in Apple Home app

  • Siri Controlled

    Use voice to control the bulb

  • Consumption Monitor

    Show energy consumption or electricity cost

  • u

Works with Apple Homekit
Apple homekit technology provides an easy, secure way to control homekit-enabled accessories
Add 16 Million Colors to Your Life
Offer 16 million colors to choose from and every color is dimmable in the Koogeek Home app, you can match different colors to create special atmospheres for every moment and personalize your home.
Turn Lights on or off Automatically
You can set different timers to turn on or off, no need to worry about leaving home and forgetting to turn off lights.
Create Scenes for Unlimited Possibilities
You can create scenes to control multiple connected bulbs at the same time. Customize lighting effects and create brilliant lights for parties or festivals.
Remote Control
Set up your Apple TV or iPad with tvOS or iOS 10.1 or later as a home hub, you can remotely control your HomeKit accessories.
Enjoy Smart Life Easily
Easily connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network without a hub or bridge. 
System Requirements
HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch with iOS 8.1 or later
Plastic and PBT
Base Type
E26 (Medium screw base) and E27 (Medium screw base)
Power input
120V AC, 60Hz 0.2A (Max.) and 200-240V AC, 50Hz 0.1A (Max.)
Rated Power
Wattage Equivalence
60W (Max.)
Color Temperature
2700K-6000K (warm white to daylight white)
Rated Luminous Flux
> 80
E26 and E27 light fittings
Rated Lifetime
25,000 hours (22.8 years -- based on 3 hours use per day)
Rated Beam Angle
Approx. 199.9°
Home Wi-Fi
802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz ONLY)
Size and Weight
  • Diameter: 2.36in / 60.00mm
  • Height: 5.37in / 136.50mm
  • Weight: 8.66oz / 245g
Package contents

Koogeek LB1 Smart Light Bulb / Quick Start Guide