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Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear applies Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, aiming at achieving efficient exercises. The device triggers muscle contraction by stimulating motor nerves directly through external current, making exercise easy, smart and humanized with high-tech such as wireless charging and smart app control.

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear

International Accredited Certifications

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear adopts RoHS-compliant silica gel as its main material, which is harmless, toxic-free and environmentally friendly. The attached medical-grade gel patches have been certified by dozens of international certification authorities.

  • International
  • Environmentally
  • Medical grade
koogeek International Accredited Certifications

Unique Design

This device is designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise.

smart fitness gear Unique Design

Powerful App Function

Based on nearly 1,000 people’s long-term testing data, Koogeek app develops multiple fitness modes including music play, fat burning, relaxation and exercise mode. This device adopts 10 different levels of intensity from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation with full automation control. It does no harm to human body. Just enjoy scientific and healthy fitness!

smart fitness gear Powerful App Function
4 Modes
App fitness mode fully automatic
  • Fat burning mode
  • Music play mode
  • Exercise mode
  • Relaxation mode

Wireless Charging

By eliminating the use of physical connectors or cables, the advanced wireless charging provides a convenient, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to charge the device at home, in an office or at a gym.

Easy to Use

Fix Koogeek Fitness Gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle.

Press "+" button for 3 seconds to power on.

Press "-" button for 3 seconds to power off.
Note: The device will automatically turn off after operating for 23 minutes.

Anytime and Anywhere

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear is available in any circumstance no matter you are reading, walking, doing housework or working in the office.

Efficient Fitness

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear subverts traditional fitness way. Users will gain tighter and stronger muscles and perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks (about 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week).



  • By M*****May 28, 2017 18:20:09

    I dare not mention this to my personal trainer, who'd rather see me do 100 crunches than try an AB belt. However, my love of gadgets combined with my epic laziness meant it was worth a try. It's much larger than I expected and whilst wearing it, you look like you're being attacked my a large mutant spider. However once you get over that it's quite an exciting prospect. Six Pack abs with no crunches? Surely not.. Well once you've got it fully charged (Wireless charging pad included) and installed the Smart Health App (to Set the modes: Fat Burning/Sport/Relax/Music) and then finally set the intensity (1-10 levels), you're good to go. It's a strange feeling, like a rippling effect and is quite a deep sensation. You need to ensure the gel pads are making good contact with the skin and that you have replaced them once you've been through about a months worth of uses. When not in use the fitgear sits on a support plate which shields the gel pads until the next use. It's also recommended that you remove any hair that might be around the area you want to use it on. My Abs do feel slightly fatigued after use, similarly to how Ab crunches might leave them. However I'm starting on the lower intensities for now, until I'm ready to Hulk-Smash my way up to level 10. The downloadable App from Koogeek integrates very well and allows you to set a timer so you don't over do it. 30 mins max per day is advised. It does also power down in its default mode after 23 mins for safety. The Music setting is the most fun, where the stimulation syncs to the beat of your music choices. Despite its complicated appearance, it's straightforward to use and although it's meant to stimulate muscle growth rather than to burn fat, it does both since more muscle means a higher metabolism which leads to more efficient and prolonged fat loss too. So there is science behind it. Obviously you won't want to be using this while eating cheeseburgers though. I'll have to work this into my routine so I can judge the long term results. It's advised to use it 5 days a week for about 30 mins each session. The battery is lithium technology so is very long lasting and shouldn't deteriorate for at least 1000-1200 cycles in general. The outer surface is easy to clean and maintain and everything stores neatly away when not in use with the accessories provided. They even include a support belt which you can wear whilst using it. I'm gonna 'Stick' with it and report back if I notice any visual improvements. However so far, happy to recommend and will look forward to presenting the results to my trainer in a few months. If it works well, I'm definitely looking at the version that works the arms too. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

  • By V***May 25, 2017 21:15:55

    Review of the Koogeek Smart Training Gear/Abs Fit, Wireless Muscle Stimulation Fat Burning for Abdomen Fit Training with App for iOS and Android, Wireless Charging In an effort to try to get more abs training in I have read about this type of muscle stimulation and decided after seeing this item it was time to go for it. I have and am happy with the arm stimulator so the learning curve for this one was zero and I did not have to download the app and install it so set up was almost effortless. I am not looking for miracles but for extra work on this muscle group to complement ab training by planks, etc. And I figure why not when I am resting still get some benefit? It comes with gel pads that stick well but you will need extra over time as the pads like any tens type unit will need to be replaced due to use. I like the way this fits and hits the washboard portion of the abs that you see when you have achieved those type. At this point it is too early as I use this every other day and expect it will be weeks before results show up but I have good response from the arm unit so I don’t doubt that this will produce results too. The plastic template helps to align during charging but is totally not needed as you can go direct from the USB plug to a charger block. It is simple to use and put away and use the abs to select degree of stimulation you want/need. I am happy with this and hope that the results are good and fast.

  • By M********May 22, 2017 14:52:51

     I am impressed. Initially I thought this will be one of this gadgets that sounds good but does not make any difference. Maybe for reporting a difference in shape of my tommy is too early however I can assure you that you will feel how hard it works to make it look better. The first time I used it on setting 1 I thought it is too strong for me! It makes very weird first impression when switched on. With time you get used to it and start appreciating how cool it is. Let’s be honest, to make real difference one needs to use it in conjunction with a diet so all the effort it puts in stimulating your stomach muscles is not wasted just because you it for two. The principle is pretty simple - it sends small electrical charges that make you muscles contract with high frequency imitating exercises but with higher intensity. It feels like someone is tapping you very quickly with the finger tips but much stronger. It really made very good first impression as a product. First of all the quality of materials and finish is really good. You can tell that someone put a lot of effort to make it easy to use (user-friendly) and resistant to conditions it will be used in. The Smart Fitness Gear looks like part of a superhero armor. It is covered on the top with high quality silicone that is easy to clean and underneath has adhesive pads that stick to your skin very well but do not leave sticky residue. When not in use patches are covered with thin film to keep them protected. There are two options of operating the gear: 1. With two buttons on the front of the ‘armor’ 2. With Bluetooth application. I think it is worth installing the app, especially that it can be used for other products of Koogeek. Bear in mind that you will need to register to be able to use it. It is really straight forward. You are given 4 modes: fat burning, sport, relax and music (that aligns impulses with played music), then you set up the intensity from 1 to 10 and press play. That is it. Do take my advice and start with default setting 1. It is really intense for the beginner. I changed it to 2 after few exercises but I cannot even imagine how strong must be level 10. The set comes with few accessories: induction charger that is made of metal and looks and feels heavy duty, zip bag for storing the gear, very good, 100 cm long, tape-type charging cable (micro USB), well written user manual printed on thick, waxed paper and the fitness gear. The fitness hear measures 17 cm high and 20 cm wide. So far I am really happy with this product but need more time to assess its longevity and practicality. I will keep you folks updated. Country of Origin PRC

  • By G*****May 19, 2017 18:18:43

    **Contents** 1 x Main body with 2 gel patches 1 x Support belt 1 x Wireless charging base with support plate 1 x Zipper storage bag 1 x User manual In complete honesty I have never used one of these machines before in my entire life so this was quite the experience for me I must admit. After hitting another birthday I decided to get into a shape and stop being lazy and figured this could help me along that road but it could also help the misses so we figured we would give it a shot. This arrived in the usual cardboard box with a window on it so you could see the product inside which is pretty cool and inside that box, you get the contents listed above. My first impression on this kit is that it is definitely a higher quality than I originally thought it would and they provide you with the complete kit for a fraction of the price that other companies do. To get started with this kit you simply need to install the application on your phone which is compatible with both IOS and android and your up and running. Firstly you pair the main body with your phone which takes but a few seconds and your connected and then you can place the gel pads on your target area which can be the thighs, abdomen, upper arms. Once you have placed this kit on your targetted area you can then select the required program via the application on your phone. The programs on the applications are Excercise, Fat burning, Music and Relax please check the pictures below for a better view on this. The exercise application features short burst mode which gives you short bursts of exercising and strengthening the muscles and for the most part it seems to do well but as we have not been using this long we can not tell the final results of yet but it definitely feels like it is doing something and we have noticed after using it for a week that there are improvements. The fat burning application is a longer burst exercise mode which is designed to increase fat burning and again the result will be different for everyone and we have not been using it long enough to judge how well this works but again we can feel difference since using it and anything that can help burn off a few fat cells here and there I am happy to try!. The relax application is a constant burst which is obviously designed to help your muscles relax after a work out for example but for me I found this to be quite powerful and it worked well whereas some others that tried it out for me said that it worked better as a pre-workout startup so I guess you could use this mode for multiple uses depending on your personal preference. The music application is designed so you can do your exercises to the rhythm of the music and I personally did not test this feature however my partner did and she said it was a good experience although the relax feature did not work for her using this as it was a bit too intense but that depends on your personal preference. Once you connect the pads to your skin unlike other branded fitness gear we have tried in the past this one sits comfortably on your skin with no irritation that we have noticed and when you take into account that my partner has sensitive skin which does normally react to these types of devices but there was no irritation for her when using this which is great. The gel pads have kept their stickiness quite well after a week of usage every day by myself and my partner which again beats the last one we tried that lost stickiness after a week of usage. We started using this straight from the box the day it arrived with no charging beforehand and managed to get at least 4 1 sessions from it and it was still turning on and able to run so the battery life is pretty good in my opinion. You charge this kit with a wireless charging dock which they include in the box and is very well built and works with no problems and seems to charge the device quite well. They provide a micro USB cable which you obviously connect to a power source and this cable is a flat long length cable which capable of charging the pads via a socket but also a USB power bank too which is great if you take this kit to the gym as you can power it via the banks if needed. Once connected to a power source you will get a blue flashing indicator light to let you know it is charging. The gel pads will need to be replaced obviously after a month or maybe a little longer depend on your usage as these will deteriorate after some time. If you look at the Koogeek store you will be able to find replacement pads very easily which are reasonable priced. Both myself and my partner have been using this kit now for about a week so as mentioned above it is too early to tell what the results will be however after the short usage periods I have found that this kit is better quality than I expected it to be with quite a few features that I didn't notice it had when buying it. The build quality of each piece is not the cheap material you would usually expect to get for a lower price and I am impressed with this kit so far. As far as telling whether or not this kit is doing me any good it can not hurt to try and I have noticed some changes since I started using it but I will, of course, update this review once I know more in due time. Overall this kit is good value for money with high-quality components with some pretty good features. Would I recommend this? If you are looking for something like this then yes I would recommend it as it is good value for money and my partner can't seem to put it down so it must be doing something for her. The fact you can charge this thing on the go means you're not tied down to your home and the entire kit fits into your bag with the very minimal weight which makes traveling around with it a breeze. Anything we can do to make our lives healthier I am all for supporting, Recommended and impressed with it so far!

  • By C***********May 11, 2017 21:47:23

    It works plain and simple i was asked to review this product by the manufacturer (for free) and over the past several weeks using it daily for 30 minutes at a time I've lost just under an inch off my stomach it isn't the end all be all of sit on your ass and lose weight products but I've given it 5 stars simply for the fact it did what it said it did. That being said it can be slightly uncomfortable to use at first electric shocks being what they are and the gel pads used to adhere it to your abs are almost unnoticeable the most surprising aspect of this product is the quality the wireless charger base feels as if its made out of solid metal and for those of you wondering it did not charge my phone as well the device itself is comparable soft and flexible so it moves with you as you wear it My only complaint about this product is the android app used to control it while the interface and Bluetooth connection is seamless even with the app running in the background unconnected it halved my phones battery life. I certainly recomend this product for anyone hoping to lose weight.

  • By S********May 9, 2017 10:07:39

    I exercise and go to the gym but I find it very,hard to tone my arms so I thought I would try this muscle stimulator. It comes with a wireless charger via a micro USB. It is easy to use once charged. Remove the thin film from the pads and stick the two pads to your upper arm. I found that the pads stuck firmly to my upper arms throughout the exercise cycle but it also comes with a belt you can use to wrap around your arm to keep it in place. To,switch the device on you press the + button for 3 seconds. You can change the intensity of the pulses to suit you. I found the pulses to be strong. I could see my arm jumping with the stimulation. There are 10 levels of strength so there is plenty of scope to increase the strength over time. There is also an app you can download that you,can use to give different patterns of the stimulation. I found that I can wear the unit and still carry on with my normal routine so it is easy to keep it up every day. The exerciser is very well made . It comes with a zipped bag that you can use to store it and it has a support,plate that you can use to protect the unit when it is not in use. It is possible to buy more gel pads when you need them .

  • By P***************May 9, 2017 02:39:32

    Let me start this review by saying I was very surprised overall at the quality of this device and its components. The packaging neatly contained all of the components to the device in a very presentable fashion. The actual device itself has a smooth almost rubbery texture to it and conforms to your stomach's shape easily. The gel pads are initially very sticky and seemed to keep most of their stickiness after repeated use although I would highly recommend avoiding sticking them to anything other than your skin and making sure to keep them covered on the provided support plate when not in use.They do include a support belt to keep the device against your body, so if your gel pads do loose their stickiness you can use this to help keep it attached. What shocked me the most was the quality of the wireless charging base as it is got a decently amount of weight and functions perfectly. There are 3 blue lights that indicate that the device is charging, all you have to do is lay it down on top and you're good to go. As for the battery capacity I have been able to go a few days of repeated use without the need to recharge so I am happy with that. They also include a nice pouch that you can keep the device in while traveling, but personally the support plate has worked just fine for me.The app that accompanies it is pretty user friendly and walks you through connecting the device for the first time along with how to use it. There are a few different modes for the device and they all have their benefits but I would recommend the fat burner mode for best efficiency. Overall I'm impressed and would recommend this to anyone looking to get an extra workout in where they normally wouldn't be able to. It is a weird feeling when first using it but it is something I have quickly gotten used to.

  • By C************May 7, 2017 20:20:42

    The Koogeek is fantastic and helps target the areas that you want to build muscle. The device comes with instructions on how to get the best result, and after using it a few days, I know that they are very easy to follow and will show fantastic results. I've used it while working out, and being active - and also while staying still at home. Initially, I was worried about the potential intensity that the gear could give out, but the 1-10 intensity scale helped manage what I felt fit and alleviated my fears. The packaging and the box that was presented with it is very elegant and professional-looking, it shows that this is a great quality product. I very much appreciated the the shield that came with it so that you could rest the "sticky" parts of the device (PS-make sure that every couple of uses, the sticky part is washed). One improvement: a few options on how to replace this stick when it's worn out The app is great: There is a fat burning option, a yoga relaxation option, a music option, and a running option. My abs feel great, and I can definitely feel improvement after using this a week.

  • By D*************May 6, 2017 19:49:46

    This item was delivered securely and on time. It comes in an unassuming brown box which has yellow security stickers on it. Inside the box, you will find: The single smart arm device with 2 pads attached. A band to hold the device in place if needed. Charge base Instruction manual carry bag And a support plate. Simple to use, remove the protective film from the gel pads, and adhere to your arm. Use the band if needed to secure in place. Press the + button for around 3 seconds to get the device to start. Once started you can use the +/- buttons to increase or decrease the strength of the vibrations. I found the device at maximum setting quite strong. The device has its own rechargeable lithium battery, which is charged using the supplied charging base. Koogeek have an app on the play store, which further enhances the use of this device. Overall, a very good device, however, bear in mind that the silicone gel pads will need replacing every so often, but these are readily available from amazon. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I reserve the right to revisit and edit this review as appropriate after further testing of this product. I Hope you find this review useful. Thank You

  • By B*****May 1, 2017 02:08:46

    This is an awesome ab trainer! I have had others in the past and the technology has vastly improved. I love how I can be busy as a bee (I have 4 little girls to raise AND I am a full time teacher) and I can have an ab workout while getting laundry done, vacuuming, cleaning house, cooking, etc. I feel great as this device is at work for me! You can set the timer for however long you want within a 20 min period of time. Intensity is set from 1-10 and all controllable from your phone or from the ab trainer itself. I am not sure exactly the different effects from the Fat burning mode and the exercise mode exactly but it is a way for me to get papers graded and exercise my abs at the same time. I can tend to the garden with my girls while getting an ab workout. How much more awesome can it get? I don't know why I did not invest in this sooner! It comes with gel pads already on so you do not have to purchase separate gel. They work for a decent amount of time (you have to overuse it to warrant buying another piece). The charger plate is sturdy and instructions are all very clear. After each use, put the protective plastic pieces back on the gel pads. Recharge it and it's ready to go for the next use. I could not be happier with this product! My abs feel great and I can't wait to see how consistent use improves my abs over more time. I have had this only a short while, and my husband notices already!

  • By S**April 29, 2017 23:53:21

    I was very pleasantly surprised with this! I wanted something new and I didn't expect much, but it actually feels like it works. At first it was a shock and it felt strange, but quickly after I found myself cranking it up and wanting to keep it on longer. It's almost addictive and very easy to use! The only con I'd really give it is the price is a little high, but then again it's within the range of the competition. The gels are very clean to take on and off and while they don't stick 100% on you if you have some hair, the provided belt really makes it all seamless and not slip at all. The inductive charger is also made of some of the best quality I've ever seen in one. It's heavy and very stable and charges it quickly. The provided app is simple, but easy to use, however, I just turn it on and use the device using the physical buttons on it. I usually run it once for a full cycle and then once more for a half cycle each day. My abs feel the burn even for a while after! It's not draining and doesn't make you sweat, so you really can use it whenever. Makes working out a little bit easier!

  • By J*********April 28, 2017 21:45:11

    This is a great and very high quality abdomen training pad. I was very impressed with the packaging which was a similar size to a pizza box and inlaid with foam to hold each item as you will see in my pictures. The actual abdomen pad does look and feel very nice and is about 6.5 inches from top to bottom and 8 inches from side to side and the six large pads on the back are very sticky so there is no problems with it slipping or moving around and when you have done then you just place it on the perspex holder which is supplied so there is no need to mess about putting all 6 of the protective covers over each one of the pads When i got this i did not find any instructions in the box so i was a bit unsure what to do but as soon as i downloaded the very good app then it was all self explanatory. Although the app is also made for the use of scales a blood pressure monitor and a temperature checker i just ignored them and clicked on abdomen trainer picture and there it showed me how to connect my phone to the training pad and once i had done this then i had a choice of 4 different modes to use and these are named as Relax Exercise Fat burner Music and you can choose the intensity of each one but you should always start it at the very lowest possible setting because you can certainly feel this working on the lowest setting You also get a very good looking wireless charger which is black and gold and is much heavier than any wireless chargers i have ever seen before and it weighs 303 grams but this is a good sign of quality in my book so all you do with this is lay the training pad on top of it and it will automatically start to charge the pad. You also get a support belt which is 39 inches long and 4 inches wide and fastens with Velcro.

  • By Z******April 27, 2017 01:24:51

    I recently purchased a remote doorbell system from this vendor, so decided to see what other products they offered. I have just started to get back to the gym on a serious schedule and had been interested in trying on of these ab trainers, so I decided to give this one a go. Wow, I'm really impressed with these guys. I started off reading the 1-star reviews (come on we all do), but I believe those were for a much earlier version of the product, because all of the issues called out in those reviews seems to have been addressed in the latest version of the product that I received. To specially address a few of them: The charging station: They use a wireless induction charging system. The charging base comes with a plastic "shield" that matches the shape of the trainer. One of the complaints I read was that it was difficult to know when it's charging. The version I received has an outline that you lineup the device with, and two blue LEDS show through two holes in the device so that you know the charging status. Can't get more simple than that. The app: There's a QU code on the back of the manual that links you directly to the application download page. I use Android, and after I scanned the QU code, it took me right to the play store to download the app. I started the app up, it prompted me to enable bluetooth, then when I turned on the device (hold the + button for about 3 seconds), the app paired directly with the device. Easier than any bluetooth pairing I've ever used in the past! The app is straight-forward and easy to use. It supports four different products that offer so you can keep all your stats together in one neat organized place. For the Abs trainer, there were four training modes. I tried the Fat Burning and the Exercise mode. Once you choose your mode you get a slider to set the strength of the pulses, and another circular slider where you can set the length of the workout (up to 30 minutes, which is the max they recommend per day). The workout started, and at the end of the workout, the device shutdown and unpaired itself. But reconnecting what automatic when you choose another workout on the app. Power: Holy crap the person that said it didn't have enough power to be effective has to be nuts! When you're setting the workout, you can adjust the level from 1-10. I've used similar electro devices for my back, so I cranked it up to 10, and hit star; damn near knocked me out of my chair. Seriously, I had to lower it to three! After a couple of workouts with it, I've built up to a four but that's some intense contractions going on, so I see this having plenty of workout-range potential to last a long time. Sticky pads: These are some very good quality pads.To be honest my only concern with the system, is the cost of replacement pads ($30!). So to make them last as long as possible I did decide to shave my stomach. I just trimmed the sides where the pads would stick and kept the "treasure trail". I keep the area smooth with some depilatory cream, as I don't want hairs sticking to the pads and making them lose their stickiness. If you're not into the idea of shaving, the pads will stick even with hair, but the daily irritation of pulling them off might be a bit much. They include a belt, incase you don't want to use the pads, but prefer to use one of the electrode gels. I'll update this review after two weeks of using the devices, and after 6 weeks, 3 months, & 6 months to report any progress, and post some progress shots.

  • By D*************April 23, 2017 02:46:16

    Wow I mean just wow. This little guy packs quiet the punch. It has a intensity scale from 1-10 and I have been using it for a while now and found I can at this moment intime really only handle a 7. That being said this is an amazing product. When it came in the mail I was impressed at how well packaged it was and how nice the unboxing experience felt to me. It uses a gell that holds it to your skin or the encluded belt. The gell pads will need washed about ever 4-5 uses so that the electro pulse can flow through contacting your bare skin. I was most impressed with how thought through the storage and charging was thought through. The included see through shield works as a holder for the gell to keep them from loosing there stick but it also has an opening that perfectly sits on the wireless charging doc so if you line the pads on the shield right it will sit on the charger perfectly everytime. That is smart planning. The storage bag is nice but it is just barely big enough for the shield which is fine but I personally would have liked it a inch bigger for easier closing. That doesn't even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the app on my smart phone. The app quickly located and connected to the wireless toner in seconds through the phone Bluetooth. After that I was connected to a whole simple to use interface that worked seemlessly with the product. There is a fat burning option that does long sperts with short pauses In between. There is a yoga relaxation option that does slow pulses that build up over and over. There is a music option that allows the wearer to feel the music through the device as it plays out of your phone. Lastly there is a running option that is very similar to the sensation of the yoga but with longer pause between the ramp ups. Over all this product has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this compared to other items on the market it is well built, durable, and more cost effective for any budget. If you found this review at all helpful please let me know.

  • By J*****April 20, 2017 10:52:48

    Summary of the review its a very well made product that functions very well and gives a strong pulsing sensation to tense the abs giving the feeling its being worked out. It comes with a charging pad and everything you need to start using it and also has an app to use programmes for different needs. Good points: Its very well mad and dose what it says it trains the abs with different levels of intensity which can be controlled on the app and on the pad itself. It arrived well packaged and comes with charging pad and cable long with a clear pad holder so when you have finished using it is placed on support plate and will allow the longer use of the gels. It also has a bag to hold the pad inside and also the support plate in the bag for travel or to keep organised. It also comes with a belt for support if you need but holds fine on its own. It also includes the instructions which shows the basics use and also how to connect to the app via blue-tooth and has many programmes that are suited to you and can control the intensity and duration via the app but isn't necessary to use it. Its easy to use by holding the “+” for 3 seconds will turn the device on and press it to increase the intensity and hold “-” for three seconds to turn the device off. After using it a few times already feeling slightly tighter and after a few weeks think it will make the difference along with training. Brilliant quality product that is as good as others on the market but for a fraction of the price. Highly recommend. The wireless charger is very useful and charges relatively quickly and is perfect for this items as it cant be moved around easily and is very good idea for this product. What’s in the box: 1 x Koogeek pad 1 x Wireless Charging Base 1 x Support Plate 1 x Support Belt 1 x Instruction Manual No bad points about product or seller. Summary if your looking for a well priced six pack training tool that will help to tighten and show off your six-pack this will help along with training and using it often will make it more noticeable quicker. Its very well priced and is very good quality and can be controlled by the app or the buttons so is tailored to your needs from fat burning to music and relax functions. This will help get you in shape for the summer. Arrived well packaged and no problems with the product or packaging.

  • By D********April 19, 2017 22:44:43

    Addictive! I've heard about this type of device for years and was always curious about them. Well, I just got done using this one for the first time and I love it! After years of doing sit ups and crunches it was amazing to feel my stomach muscles contract without my doing anything. It felt great! This is the real deal. Exceptional quality with great engineering. I downloaded the app and it seems straightforward enough to use, but it works great without the app and I didn't use it for this first session. Wow, I'm probably more excited about this than I should be, but I still have a smile on my face. I really do love it!

  • By M******April 19, 2017 01:02:19

    i took this training fit kit to use in house and outside . The kit kit included all i need to use at best this smart solution , inside i found : 1*smart training bluetooth , 1*wifi charger , 1* band , 1* cable usb, 1* pouch , 1* clearsupport for smart kit ! !!! so, it is very simple to use, just pair with my iPhone 7 and it is ready to work !!! inside the app included different type of traing , ; relax, sport, run !!! and i can choose the time that i want to do it !!! Very good solution and complete set !

  • By T********April 13, 2017 11:52:02

    This is essentially the same as a Sixpad as advertised by Christiano Ronaldo, only this is approx. half the price (the Ronaldo one is currently £149). So in terms of value for money this is a bargain. Build quality seems good on first inspection. Packaging is very good and the range of included accessories seems very similar to what comes with the 'sixpad'. The wireless charger is a nice addition and seems to be of very good quality. The pad/belt itself works great so far. I remember trying the cheap ab-belts from around 10 years ago, and although they did work, they could often be quite painful die to small contacts, dry contacts etc. So far there are none of those problems with this belt - There is lots of surface/contact area on the pads and the Gel does its job very well - there are no sharp pains or shocks from poor skin contact. This is a massive step up from the tiny ab-belts which used to cost a fiver. The app is also better than expected with more options and information than I thought it would have. It's easy to use and seems to work very well from the little I have tested so far. As for results, It's too early to tell yet, but I had wuite good results in the past with the very cheap ab-belts, and I can already feel that this one is working better than those - so this is very promising and I'm sure it will work as advertised. I will update this review in 4 weeks, then 6, 8 etc and report on how well it's working and how long the gel pads last before needing replacement. So far, so good... 5/5 for now.

FG1 Fitness Gear
  • EMS Technology

    Muscle Stimulation Electrical Technology

  • Efficient Fitness

    Gain tighter and stronger muscles and perfect figure

  • Powerful App Function

    Adopt 10 different levels of intensity

  • Easy to Use

    Designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. 

  • 23 Minutes Per Day

    5 times per week and about 23 minutes per day 

What is EMS?
EMS (Muscle Stimulation Electrical) technology is through the current stimulation, directly to the signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement. No harm to human body and just let you enjoy scientific and healthy fitness.
How to use?
Fix the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle. To power on, press "+" button for 3 seconds; to power off, press "-" button for 3 seconds.
How to charge?
Advanced wireless charging technology provides a convenient, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to charge the device at home, in office or at a gym.
Where to use?
You can use the fitness gear in any circumstance no matter you are reading, walking, doing housework or working in the office.
Main body: silica gel, ABS, PET, conductive silver paste/black carbon Gel patch: acrylic copolymer
iOS devices, Windows Phone, Android Devices.
Lithium battery
Wireless version
Size and Weight
  • Length: 190mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Weight: Approx. 114.3g
Package contents

Koogeek Smart Fitness Gear / Wireless Charging Base / Support Belt / Support Plate / Instruction Manual / Six Gel Patches